Nintendo’s E3 2012 Conference: Devastating

With just a few months to go before the launch of Wii U, Nintendo needed to use this E3 to convince gamers of all stripes that its new system would be worthwhile. Sadly, with little more than old third party ports and retreads of family oriented games shown, the company failed to capture anyone's attention.

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Yi-Long2238d ago

.... this presentation certainly hasn't convinced me that I need to buy a WiiU at launch.

Very disappointing.

dark-hollow2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

its very disappointing.

they did way much better for 3DS reveal conference, this is just pure crap.
nintendoland? where is retros new game? monolith studios new game? give us a trailer, a teaser! hell just confirm the existence of those games without showing anything!!!

xCaptainAmazing2238d ago

we know they exist which is why this was so damn silly.

user54670072238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

It was...

Worst E3 Ever...not just Nintendo I mean the entire thing. Everything was either spoiled, leaked, announced before the shows started or there were complete no shows like FF Versus or the Last Guardian for example

Honestly Nintendo should of maybe took their time with their next console, it's not like they are competing against the PS4 or Nextbox...they should of given it that name change first, hell even the Nintendo U is better then the Wii U

I'm more disapointed with the fact that Nintendo said they were aiming for the core and then they announce things like Just Dance still, Wii Fit and Nintendoland for example and still seem to rely on gimmicks, I'm not saying touch screens are gimmicks it's just the way Nintendo uses or presents the feature...take the Batman Armored Edition for example. Yes Nintendo it's lovely that you are trying to get third party developers on board but you can't just port an old game to the Wii U and then just add some gimmick like features to it to try and make it new.

Overall the Wii U is basicaly what Nintendo should of had this gen. I still can't fully see it as a next gen console...I know it is but theres just something about it, I can't put my finger on it

By the time the PS4/Next box comes out third party developers will move onto making games for Sony and MS and leave Nintendo in the dust again

Jagsrock2238d ago


I think that is the key right there, We know the games exist and that nintendo has a bunch of 1st party titles in development yet we didn't get to see any. And that's why people are disappointed. But it would be short sighted to write of the wii u just because the e3 conference didn't show something that is in the works and will eventually be a game. As long as Nintendo releases games like metroid ,starfox, f-zero or a true 3d mario game early on it will do fine. I think people put too much weight into e3.

--Onilink--2238d ago

incredibly for me, the highlight of E3 coming from the big 3 wasnt even part of the conferences, but the Nintendo Direct Video, which should speak volumes about how bad its been overall.

However i do have hope, based on past events, that we might get more info on better games at tonights roundtable, and the 3DS game showcase for tomorrow doesnt seem like it will dissapoint

stuntman_mike2238d ago

ubisoft's conference was the highlight for me (well Watch Dogs in particular) and Star Wars 1313 looked awesome.

Pikmin 3 looked really good too but it just wasnt enough.

Yi-Long2238d ago

...Agreed. Ubisoft had a good show, with promising titles and Watch Dogs being the absolute highlight of the show so far.

--Onilink--2238d ago

yeah, ubisoft's conference, awful forced comedy and Just Dance 4 aside was the best

Yi-Long2238d ago

... I didn't even mind the forced horrible comedy that much. I don't know what's wrong with me, cause I didn't find it funny either, but I just wasn't annoyed by it...

The woman did a pretty good job hosting it,. The guy was a bit irritating, but together it was still OK.

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TBM2238d ago

worst presser i've ever seen in all my years of gaming.

TBM2237d ago

three upset nintendo fans disagree with me. what a shocker, i wanted nothing more than to be impressed and blown away by them but they failed horribly imo.

Yangus2238d ago

Disappointing show:(

xCaptainAmazing2238d ago

I was impressed with the updated controller and system as they're really slick, but past the first 20 minutes or so it dropped off a cliff. I have no doubt in it because the titles are going to come, but a little reassurance would have been nice damnit.

ronin4life2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )


Pikmin was pure beauty... and Platinum's Project p-100 was also incredible(shown after the show...)

ZombiU is actually really interesting, but what made it incredible wasn't showcased at the conference. Instead, they showed off a year old port...

Oh, here are some Gameplay Details about ZombiU:

*One hit and you're dead

*If you die, you respawn as a different person, and must kill your former self to get old equipment back.

*No checkpoints or quicksaves.

*No pausing for inventory management. Everything is realtime.

ronin4life2238d ago

I'm not reading the story, But the headline is right...

Not an awful show, but definitely an awful showcase for the wiiu....

Ddouble2238d ago

Disappointing for a launch conference. It's looking like the 3DS event will be the main highlight.

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