Destructoid - E3: Our first hands-on with Resident Evil 6

Destructoid: "If you're keeping track of the Resident Evil viruses, the problem this time around is the C-virus. It has spread all over the world, setting the stage for Capcom's biggest outing for the series yet, Resident Evil 6. How big? Try six main characters, three main story campaigns, and full two-player cooperative play for all of it."

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CLOUD19832234d ago

yep it's officially true, RE is DEAD! also SH is DEAD! & FF is long dead for many years now, all the fan favorites franchises of PS1/PS2 have turn to sh1t, so the only thing we can expect for is for some new IP's to come and makes us exciting for gaming again.

As for Survival Horror at least we have Zwei to w8 for, and as for JRPG's any1 who have a Wii can pass some time with Xenoblade & The Last Story and PS3 only owners must w8 unfortunately for January for Ni No Kuni a game that is going to be the best representative of the genre imo for PS3, 2013 looks so far away.. :/