Star Trek Announcements Galore

TGH Writes: "After being announced last year, little to no info has came out regarding the upcoming Star Trek game other than that it is in development for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3. However, E3 2012 brings us news on many fronts regarding the upcoming Namco Bandai Games & Paramount Pictures title developed by Bioshock 2 and Darkness II developers, Digital Extremes."

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Xof2265d ago

A modern star trek game is likely to be bad.
Anything JJverse is likely to be bad.
So I'm not very hopeful.

I'd love to be surprised, though.

Then again, lore-wise the Gorn were a teeny tiny little nation of no threat to anyone, and weren't particularly aggressive. And Trek-wise the gorn are only famous at all for being the stars of the cheesiest, hammiest bit of television in human history.

So... interesting choice of villain? Well, I guess it beats the villains of the last movie, who wanted to destroy the federation for something it didn't do, in a timeline where it hadn't yet not done anything.


Tsuru2265d ago

He did it because he wanted revenge, which was what he stated in the movie, it was his whole driving force, he got pulled into the past, and had the opportunity to make them suffer for what they did to him. Its not like he actually caused the time travel to happen, it was a random occurrence due to the black hole. So he used it to his advantage.

hazelamy2265d ago

i always wondered why he didn't take the red matter he had and destroy the hobus star before it had a chance to go nova and destroy romulous and kill his wife.

i guess he was too blinded by thoughts of revenge.