IGN's Best of E3 2012 Awards

IGN writes:"This is it! The biggest week in gaming is upon us, and IGN is here in Los Angeles seeing and playing the best games that E3 2012 has to offer. All week we'll be nominating E3's most triumphant achievements with our coveted IGN E3 award nods up until Thursday at 6PM Pacific time when we'll announce the winners."

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LOGICWINS2117d ago

No nomination for Far Cry 3 for best overall game? And Tomb Raider for best overall game?

Yeah, have to disagree.

pandaboy2117d ago

meh, I personally don't think games like Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3 and Splinter Cell should get any mention. They all abandoned their fanbase and have become generic action games straying far from their original gameplay premise. RE6 too for that matter.

Getting tired of this lack of originality. It's why I really like how the last of us is taking form because it has seemingly a combination of old school and proto-modern gameplay. Can't believe a vocal minority dare complain about a health bar when it adds so much more to the gameplay. Just sheer ignorance and are likely the type that wants everything to become this action sequence nonsense gameplay.

LOGICWINS2117d ago

I've never played any of the old Far Cry games...but Far Cry 3 impressed the hell out of me. The colors and mature atmosphere really did it for me. Not to mention the ability to tackle a situation from a 360 angle, not a linear path like most first person shooters. I liked the demo so much that I'm considering getting Far Cry 2.

StreetsofRage2117d ago

So you're telling me the The Last of Us's game play has originality? It had the same exact gameplay as every Uncharted and every other third person shooter for that matter. I personally was disappointed by it.

cpayne932117d ago

@StreetsofRage so I guess you didn't notice the non-regenerative health bar, and also that you seem to have to look for ammo and health? It looks to me like it will be the cinematics and presentation of Uncharted meet the strategic gameplay of a survival horror game.

pwnmaster30002117d ago

Street of rage

Lol yea because gun blazing uncharted is totally the same as survival last of us. The game play and atmosphere is so different. Your just very blind dude

Kran2117d ago

Why not Tomb Raider? Tomb Raider looks phenomenal.

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Awesome_Gamer2116d ago

The Last of Us & Watch Dogs did it for me..

Blastoise2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Far cry 3 impressed me too, that part of with the tigers was pretty epic.

But overall I'd give it to the last of us or beyond.

Also quite confused as to why assassins creed 3 is so high up in these awards. Besides the graphics it didnt look all that great...

room4142116d ago

Almost every applicable category has a ps3 exclusive in it. Amazing.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32116d ago

The Last of Us was weak imo. There was way more better looking and interesting games at E3 than The Last of Us.

jeseth2116d ago

Tomb Raider looks pretty damn awesome! Don't know what you're confused about, they've done an awesome job rebooting the franchise it seems. And even though Far Cry 2, I thought was excellent, people must not be very impressed with 3 if it only made the best FPS list. That should send up a Red Flag.

Obviously The Last of Us, Halo 4, and God of War also look excellent, but there are some 3rd party games that look excellent as well...Dead Space, Splinter Cell, etc.

A lot of good games at this years show. Really interested to see if ZombieU is more than just a pretty trailer!

da_2pacalypse2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Halo4, Beyond,and Watchdogs were my games of the show. But overall, this year's E3 was pretty weak.

PS. Blops2 for 360 game is a horrible horrible choice... I will never understand why they don't select from exclusives here... Same thing with DS3 being selected as best PS3 game.

irepbtown2116d ago

There are some games that have really got me pumped up.

Watch dogs being the obvious one. That game looks absolutely magnificent.
The Last of Us made my jaw drop.
God of War... any word would be an insult as the game looks Godly (see what I did there).
There are alot more but these were the obvious trio.

Forza Horizon actually looked pretty good. I love my racing games and this is definitely one I'll look into.

Best Overall game would have to go to either Watch dogs or The Last of Us.

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Gran Touring2117d ago

"No nomination for Far Cry 3 for best overall game? And Tomb Raider for best overall game?"

I wouldn't have nominated those games either honestly.

Sevir2117d ago

There wasn't anything that stood out for me!

Tomb Raider Is impressive but come on, we've seen it before and its called Uncharted! I'm sure it'll be good as i'll pick it up March 15th next year but it doesn't deserve a nomination. it wasn't ground breaking!

turgore2117d ago

TOmb Raider looks amazing, like uncharted but more open world.

Shepherd 2142116d ago

If you knew what the far cry games offer in terms of freedom and scope then you would be more excited for it. Far Cry 3 is one of my most anticipated games. I've followed the far cry games since they were released and while each one has pros and cons, and each one is "yet another fps", the light tactical decisions, gunplay, and atmosphere are strikingly fresh in farcry compared to other shooters.

Animal powers and being stuck on an island with PMCs on farcry 1, performing halfassed field surgeries on yourself, unjamming dirty weapons, keeping your car tuned up, and a wide open(although a bit empty) beautiful African land in farcry 2, and now who knows what stuff there will be to be amazed at but also yell at in farcry 3. No malaria is already a win.

Gran Touring2115d ago

@shepherd 214

I know exactly what the previous far cry games offer. One of my favorite games is the original Crysis, so I know at least a bit on how the sandbox-style experience plays out. However, it just seems like they want FC3 to be a more cinematic, streamlined and linear experience, at least from what I've seen of the game so far. In terms of "openness" and options presented to the player, it looks a lot like Crysis 2. And Crysis 2 was a great departure from the sandbox gameplay that was so well praised in the first game. But on top of that, the game just doesn't look that impressive to me at all.

Shepherd 2142114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

All there doing with far cry 3 is making the narrative more focused, which was a problem with far cry 2. Far cry 2 had almost a nonexistent story with not much motivation to complete the main missions other than to get diamonds. Ubisoft is not making the game in general more "linear", only segments of the core missions will have scripted scenes like what you saw. There will be tons to do besides story missions, which is another improvement over far cry 2, and there will be lots to explore. Ubisoft has said several times in interviews that if you can see it, you can go to it on the island.

Deadly creatures to hunt and interfere with your missions? Check.
Smooth gameplay with responsiveness like cod? Check.
Stealth kill entire areas of enemies? Check.
Interesting an more varied side missions? Check.
An entire island to explore and evolves with either action and path you take? Check.
All these are an improvement over farcry 2 and all are a win in my book if you like the crysis/farcry style of play. There's really no reason an openminded person shouldn't be impressed.

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fermcr2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

E3 is at the beginning and already Best of E3 2012 Awards !!!

Since we are already giving E3 awards, for me UFO Enemy Unknown for best of show and best of year.

Hummm... did they present UFO Enemy Unknown at E3 ?

deep_fried_bum_cake2117d ago

"No nomination for Far Cry 3 for best overall game?"

I don't think that Far Cry showed anything to merit being nominated for best overall game. The 4 player co-op might interest me but they'll have to show off something better than a stupid sex scene and 4 people trying to pretend that strategy works in a game like that.

Alcohog2117d ago

I think this is more like Far Cry 1 than Far Cry 2.

Nimblest-Assassin2117d ago

Im more surprised at the fact watch dogs isn't on for best game. Biggest surprise? Definately... but it was a great contendor for game of the show

morkendo232116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

@ this year E3 no one deserve a award.... worst E3 ever!!!!! same REHASH from 2006 no variety,no innovation. same plain stale milked games.
make a gamer hang up their controller.

below me how is this guy able to get-away with avatar of a penis??

Emilio_Estevez2116d ago

Far Cry 3 looked so generic to me, I was really disappointed by what they showed. Tomb Raider should be there, but not The Unfinished Swan. Does a downloadable game really stand up to these others? No. It could be great, but I'm not sure how you compare a $10-20 game to a $60 one.

STONEY42116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Tomb Raider had me last year, but now... I don't know. They're say trying to be realistic, but you're telling my Lara can activate a parachute, have the wind carry her at the speed of light through a narrow forest line for what seems like over a mile, then land at exactly where she needs to go? And she gets impaled with something every couple of minutes, then soon after, acts like nothing happened.

It's looking like another *shoot a few people, set piece, shoot another few people, set piece* kind of game. It's seriously more over-the-top than Uncharted, besides the face that she gets hurt.

GamingPerson2116d ago

Farcy 3 has cod multiplayer, tomb raider is gear of war/uncharted , splinter cell is mark and watch kill cut scenes..

Bleucrunch2116d ago

For realy Far Cry fans...I believe they really care about the open world FPS first, map editor and THEN multi-player...when people say far cry thy think story first...I still think far cry 2's story was tough as nails good. I LOVE FAR CRY!

Kaneda2116d ago

mmm.. MoH - Warfighter was better than CoD Black Ops...

Bleucrunch2116d ago

Best Xbox 360 game is Call of Duty??? Good bye IGN!

TheFinalEpisode2116d ago

I think Far Cry actually looked better last year, the only impressive thing was the graphics

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Gorilla_Killa_X2117d ago

No nomination for Watch Dogs best overall game. And they included Tombraider. I have to disagree with that.

OmniSlashPT2117d ago

Watch Dogs has no playable demo, so they can't really judge a game just because of a trailer. You know, people just games by playing it.

sourav932117d ago

Um, yes there was a demo. Maybe not available to the attendees, but Ubisoft showed a lengthly demo which included gameplay.

Gorilla_Killa_X2117d ago

Watch Dogs is listed under nominations for best pc game. So how does your statement accurate.

Nimblest-Assassin2117d ago

they just added it to game of the show... remember Infinite won last year, without a playable demo

Mac is OK2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

They say in the article that they will update the list as they get to play more games during the week. The reason they already have this many nominees is because those games were at judges week. My guess is that, if they get to see Watch Dogs in person at the Ubisoft booth, or behind closed doors, the game will be nominated.
Edit: nevermind, the game is nominated for best PC game, so they are already considering for nomination.

silkrevolver2117d ago

I’m not the only one who was quite disappointed with this year’s E3, am I?

Killman2117d ago

You are not the only one. Sony's was decent, MS was horrible, and I did not watch Nintendo but I have heard that is was extremely disappointing. E3 this year, at least the conferences, was just underwhelming. I was so excited too.....

grailly2117d ago

they were really bad the past two years so I came into this one expecting nothing. I quite enjoyed it this way.

It just baffles me that people were expecting Sony to make big announcements, they've been playing this strategy since 2010, " announce everything before, and have one surprise for the conference"

Dee_912116d ago

This is so stupid.
You expect to be surprised but you already know whats going to happen because sites leak info a week before e3 then blaim ms sony and nintendo for being underwhelming lol
For people like myself that wasnt looking into every e3 article weeks prior to e3 was happy with the show.
You will never be satisfied because you already know whats coming.Its the same for tsg gamescon.
When was the last time any of you enjoyed a E3.

TheFinalEpisode2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

I agree it was disappointing :(

Jazz41082116d ago

Honestly Ms and Sonys conference were really about equal. Unless you are a fanboy you will agree. Sony spent the most amount of time on wonderbook and Ms did on aps and ways to improve live. They both showed equl amount of games and both really were below my expectations. I hope this is the last e3 without new hardwar shown as outps3 and 360 are showing there age.

DigitalAnalog2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Though they showed "equal" amount of games. Only 2 of those were gameplay "teasers" on SONY'S part. Almost every kinect game, the new Forza were teasers. Almost everything else on SONY's floor (including the dreaded Wonderbook) were actual presentations of the software.

a_squirrel2116d ago

"Sony spent the most amount of time on wonderbook and Ms did on aps and ways to improve live."

... huh?

Wonderbook was ONE so called game. Yeah, it was painfully slow, but it wasn't THAT LONG. My goodness people.

Hufandpuf2116d ago

I wasn't disappointed because I knew this E3 was going to be one of the worst. There are some good games coming out though, but pre-E3 everyone just hyped themselves over new consoles.

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TheFallenAngel2117d ago

God of War: Ascension was the best game followed by last of us.

Gorilla_Killa_X2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

The last of us looks great. Awesome looking gameplay. While I am a huge GOW fan it looked like more of the same as far as the single player part. Was hoping for something new in that respect but I guess if it isn't broken....Multiplayer might be cool though.

TheFallenAngel2117d ago

I felt the same but then again there wasn't a lot of gore on the demo. The gore is what makes God of War fun.

BitbyDeath2117d ago

@kcsguy, what do you think they could do to make it better?

Honestly i got nothing, the entire foundation just seems rock solid.

a_squirrel2116d ago

"I felt the same but then again there wasn't a lot of gore on the demo. The gore is what makes God of War fun"

I'd hate to see what you call 'gore' if it's not ripping heads off human like creatures, and slicing open an elephant-man's head.

Kingdom Come2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

The Last of Us was phenomenal, but I couldn't help but feel somewhat bored by the God of War presentation, the sound design was superb and technologically it was stunning, but the lack of new gameplay mechanics and the stripped back scale made the game feel like somewhat of a downgrade from God of War 3.

Overall I'd place (in regards to demonstrations of games) The Last of Us, Halo 4 and Watch_Dogs as the best three in no particular order. All three are day one purchases for me...

EmperorDalek2117d ago

You're kidding me right? Ascension looked tired as hell. Same linear combat sections and linear boss battles with QTE's and... that's it. It's now as milked as CoD in terms of gameplay.

They showed some rooms with combat in TLOU... the combat didn't look like anything special either. Limited health and and ammo is great and all, but that's been done plenty of times before. AI looks painfully stupid too.

sourav932117d ago

So, if according to you, The Last of US looked generic and bland, what was your game of E3?

EmperorDalek2117d ago

I don't think it looks generic and bland, just nothing special. I don't mind generic, and TLOU could be brilliant, but the E3 demo was average.

Halo 4 convinced me to get a 360... So probably that. Maybe South Park. Maybe Lords of Shadow 2, since I watched the trailer about 20 times now.

BitbyDeath2117d ago

"AI looks painfully stupid too."

Think we watched completely different videos.

NiKK_4192116d ago

Really? The AI looked amazing in that video. I think you need to watch it again, because you're crazy if you think it showed "painfully stupid" AI.

trouble_bubble2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

So Halo, which literally has a new game every year now -Halo3 ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach, Halo Anniversary, Halo 4- and another linear jungle/forest level just like the opening to Halo 3 blew you away lol, but GOW which has only had ONE current gen' console game (GOW3) is milked like COD?!

Now say that again sober with a straight face.

Just a bad, bad E3 this year. People finding gold in the most mundane, weirdest things. Oooh, a boat chase, apps and story book! Ooo, a FPS in a forest, never seen that before. Shoot me.

dillydadally2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Gonna have to disagree with you Trouble_Bubble. I agree it was a disappointing E3, but every other thing you said was just... wrong. Sorry, I don't know how else to say it. Because an FPS has a scene in a forest, it's all of a sudden generic?!? I guess Minecraft is generic too. It's in a forest. Seen that before. The Halo 4 trailer pretty much blew everyone away, and this is not coming from a Halo fanboy. Don't believe me? The comment section for the trailer was the only time I've ever seen a Halo article without trolls - even the trolls said it looked amazing. It's getting such rave reviews because it's actually innovating the Halo series, something that hasn't been done before. Oh yeah, and it has the best graphics ever seen on xbox 360.

And please do some research before attacking someone else for their statements - EVERY Gears of War game has released for a current gen system - the 360. Not only that, Halo games average one every 3 years... which is a lot less often than Gears of War if you actually bother to look at wikipedia or any other source. It's just been around a lot longer than GoW. (Please note that Halo Wars, an RTS for goodness sakes, and ODST, basically a Halo 3 expansion pack, do not count as part of the Halo Series)

a_squirrel2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

(Skip to the bottom to get the jist of it.)

GoW: Ascension
"It's now as milked as CoD in terms of gameplay."
Um, hello there, you must be new. The game is God of War, it follows it's style, and will not release a half-***ed excuse of a game. How do I know? Well, it's part of the GoW name. ;)

The Last Of Us
"AI looks painfully stupid too."
Not as stupid as this. Honestly, Halo, at the time, had amazing AI. When I go back to the first, and then play Reach, they are the same, and retards because they haven't learned to not stand there yelling at you while you either reload, or use your own fist which turns out to be more effective than bullets. Yeah.

At least he noticed he was shot, she noticed he was shot, and they realized he shot, couldn't shoot, and that he has two exits. (One guy took the left, and the other the right) Unfortunately, they noticed that he had a hostage, and the hostage wasn't just a limp, dead-weight. He actually tried to throw off his aim.

1. The state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.
2. An object or practice that has continued to exist from an earlier time: "a survival from his army days".

I threw that in there because there's always someone hasn't heard of a survival genre. There's always a huge contrast between the action/horror and suspense in that.

"Halo 4 convinced me to get a 360... So probably that."
Probably? Great job at sounding casual over a game that made you buy a console just for it.


So basically, everything EmperorDalek said, summed up into an image.

Dee_912116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Someone doesnt know what AI is
The AI in TLOU was the complete opposite of painfully stupid.

"they showed somee rooms with combat"
Watch dog just show a world with buildings and people shooting.See I can make something that was incredible seem bland too.

So from that short GOW demo you can tell it will have the same gameplay as ..... you know what im sure you get it by now.
You have horrible uneducated oppinions bro...

oh wow out of all halos this halo convinced you get a xbox
Dudee your so transparent.

dillydadally2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

*Sigh* Stupid GoW acronym. Why does there have to be two popular series with the same acronym?! Anyway, I will apologize for that misunderstanding trouble_bubble. I will stand by my statements though that Halo has historically come out once every three years, and I can see why the most recent Halo trailer could convince someone to get an Xbox. It was an extremely impressive trailer that got me excited for a game I wasn't excited for originally.

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morganfell2117d ago

Does anyone really care what IGN thinks anymore?