Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Fact Sheet, Hi-Res Aftermath and End Game Box Covers

MP1st - "Forget Close Quarters. Armored Kill is all the rage today among the Battlefield 3 community. Yesterday, we got our first look at some gorgeous Armored Kill screens as well as some footage from the Battlefield 3 Premium trailer."

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Hufandpuf2116d ago

I hope we get to see some gameplay too! Those maps look amazing!

scrambles2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Except for those 3 flags right in a row next to each other. It seems they made 2 clusters of flags now instead of 1 massive cluster in the middle of the map. They're also kinda flat so infantry will have to sit in the flag clusters else die. I hope they have at least 3 tanks per side for console at least, 5+ would be great for PC and that's extremely low compared to old BF standards. Console will probably this minus the most north and south flag.

EDIT: if they take out the far right 2 flags this map could be very boring because theres no reasons to go all the way back to the enemy's base pretty much because theyll just recap it within 10 seconds.

"Tank destroyer" will be insane if its a 2 hit kill on tanks.

Im being hopeful for this even if BF3 will be sitting on the shelf until then due to close quarters coming first.

sovietsoldier2116d ago

it would be nice to see some maps on us soil and Russian soil.