Bagogames "E3 Wrap-Up Day 1 - Microsofts E3 Confrence Fails To Impress"

Miss the E3 press conferences? Don’t want to dig through the piles of news just to find the biggest announcements and games? The Bagogames E3 Wrap-up keeps you up to date with all of the biggest E3 news.

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jeremybtyler2112d ago

This was a pretty accurate wrap-up. I've been very impressed with the host.

Rediculamal2112d ago

Wonderbook didn't really deserve all that attention.

But that PSN Plus deal just put it well ahead of XBL in terms of value for your money.

TheInterview2112d ago

Totally agree. I might just have to finally take the plunge into to Playstation plus pool.

Ajoyshop2112d ago

I'm debating the same move. I guess with Playstation plus you can get all kinds of discounts on games and even some free games on the Playstation Store. It may be worth it.

liberator232112d ago

I loved the wonderbook awkward moment when it decided to stop identifying that woman's movements. The guy that was hosting it should have "awkward turtle'd" off the stage.

SandWitch2111d ago

Microsoft's E3 conFRence was the most boring. Too much talk about apps and Kinect mini games.

StreetsofRage2111d ago

Wonderbook was thee most boring part of this E3, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Complete garbage.

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