The Wii Still Has More Than 25 Games Coming Out This Year, Full List

Proving that the Wii isn't entirely dead, Nintendo has shown that more than 25 games will be coming to the system by the end of the year.

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BringingTheThunder1994d ago

kirbys dream collection special edition? why not call it kirby's anniversary or something?

jc485731994d ago

so they're not even considering releasing Dragon Quest Anniversary? I guess is perfect to end it with The Last Story.

Relientk771994d ago

Looking forward to Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition

DivineAssault 1994d ago

i used to be a nintendo fan but after i get last story, im done with them.. wii u btr not be any more than $200

PygmelionHunter1994d ago

You're in for a big disappointment...

DivineAssault 1994d ago

Not really.. if it is more, i wont buy it.. I can easily save my money for ps4 instead.. Ill buy wii u when it does drop to $200 & gets some good games..

PygmelionHunter1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

That's the best to do I guess, as for me, I'll get it because I've waited too long for Pikmin 3 to give it up now, the PS3 version of Mass Effect 3 sucks hard and I'll add Assassin's Creed 3 as a bonus.

Of course this won't be the case if I can't afford the console when it launches though lol.

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