Kuma’s Thoughts on The Nintendo, Sony and Xbox Panels

Kuma Wrote: What is up people and welcome to my thoughts on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft showcases. I just wanted to touch base on the main industries and how they performed on their content that they showed us especially about exclusives and what to expect from them. I hope you enjoy and stay frosty.

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Bleucrunch2206d ago

Kuma you are spot on with your assetment...This is exactly how I felt about E3 as well...You read my mind...wonderfully written and explained in detail no trolling from this guy on this subject. Well done. Lets hope they do a better follow up job in the coming weeks...Oh and what happened to that game called "Agent" which was suppose to be an exclusive game by Rockstar for the ps3..hmmm.

SavageKuma2206d ago

That is a good Question my friend. I was hoping that all companies would come strong, but that was not the case.