Over 60 New Playstation Vita Titles Coming

Jack Tretton comments on the Playstation Vita and its E3 showing, confirming that over 60 new Playstation Vita titles will launch "within the year."

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Akuma-2114d ago ShowReplies(3)
units2114d ago

How many of them are console ports

Snookies122114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Honestly doesn't matter to me, I love console ports. Playing them on a handheld is like a totally different experience for me. Plus you have the game anywhere you want it, not just confined in your room.

Also for the most part, Vita ports look almost just as good as the console version. Take a look at Blazblue, MvC3, Disgaea 3, Metal Gear HD.

ApolloAdams2114d ago

Why would you want ports? It is a new system entirely?

Why would you spend 30-50 bucks on a game you already own for big screen TV. I'm not gonna tell you how to spend your money and if it makes you happy go for it but the majority won't buy a port to a game when the superior version is already available.

Snookies122114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@ApolloAdams -

Well just about all PSV games are 39.99. Which in most cases is less than the console version depending on how long it's been out. Also, there are times when the Vita version has extra stuff, take Mortal Kombat, Blazblue, or Disgaea 3 for example (packing in all or almost all DLC and extra functionality). If it's a game I already loved, I might just want to support the developer, plus I can play that game I loved anywhere I want.

See how that turns into a pretty good deal? That's my point of view really...

miyamoto2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Ever since I had a 4.3 inch smartphone mobile gaming has introduced me into a whole lot of ways games could be played whenever or wherever.

An I think that is the direction where the PSV is heading- to be a multi-tasking & connected game machine.

The internet browser, skype & YouTube apps are very important to that functioanlity.

The 3DS should also try to be that.

ABizzel12114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Why weren't they shown instead of "WONDERBOOK" o_O

I want some Metal Gear, Monster Hunter, God of War, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, etc...

Half-Mafia2114d ago

I know we all want all these games now or else the Vita is doomed. But did the PS3, 360, PS2, Wii, DS, PSP, 3DS all get there known IP's within 4 months of its life? NO.

Creative-Enigma2114d ago

I've been think about something that people might disagree on. What if Sony is making the announcements on exclusives for PS3 & PS Vita by region showcases. Think about it we still have Gamescom & Tokyo Game Show this year. It could be the fact that Sony wanted to focus on american games at E3 2012 than foriegn games. Think about it. Guerrilla Games is from Europe right. Sony could be saving their game for PS3 at Gamescom. Sony Cambridge is from Europe as well so expect Killzone Vita there. Quantic Dream confirmed last week they were making a Vita title too. A lot of people seem to think Agent is from Rockstar in North America but its not. The people making Agent is a Rockstar Studio from Europe so Agent might show up at Gamescom. Sony could be saving games like Syphon Filter, Ratchet & Clank, Socom, & many more for Vita at Gamescom but the twist is that Sony First Party developer making exclusives for Vita are actually from Europe and the American First Party for Sony are focusing on PS3 & Move. Tokyo Game Show could see the daylight of Versus XIII and The Last Guardian because those games are Japan soul made games unlike Final Fantasy XIII. Versus XIII was said to be in Full Developement last September so don't you think in a years time there would be press footage at Tokyo Game Show. The Last Guardian is going to be at Tokyo Game Show because back in February they said it was making progress close to being shown as demo. We might also see Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Type 0, and more like Level 5 and Atlus announce games for Vita at Tokyo Game Show. The year is not done for Sony people just have to be patient and games will come to PS Vita & PS3.

a_bro2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

i was pretty dissapointed with that conference, i understand if they are holding back on PS3 games so that they launch with the "PS4", but this was suppose to be the conference that they were suppose to show the Vita games. instead, they only showed off 3 games.

yes they did show that were finally going to be able to play our PS1 games this summer, and its going to get a few more apps here and there, but still, such a let down...

still hopeful for TGS though, Japan is a mobile centric region after all, so hopefully we get to see lots of vita games there that will eventually come to the west.

cmpunk532114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

If there are over 60 new vita titles... what's stopping them to show or announce at least 10 new titles? C'mon announce something already! It would generate some sales from consumers knowing that there are future killer apps for the vita instead of leaving us with only three

Half-Mafia2114d ago

PS All Stars
Jet Set Radio
When Vikings Attack

All them games got announced in the last month. Never satisfied.

Snookies122114d ago

Wait, Jet Set is coming to Vita?

cmpunk532113d ago

I'm mostly talking about E3 here with their poor showing of vita titles this year.

MGRogue20172114d ago

Good. Keep 'em coming. *thumbs up*

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