Microsoft's E3: 10 reasons to be genuinely excited

OXM UK: "Okay, this year's Xbox conference didn't have the brand-new blockbusters that everybody demands from E3, and it did feature a long conversation about exercise which is arguably the opposite of what E3 stands for. But there was a lot in there to make you feel cheerful about owning an Xbox 360."

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DragonKnight2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Saving you all time and 10 pages of hits.

1. Halo 4
2. Kinect extras you apparently want to use.
3. Splinter Cell
4. SmartGlass
5. South Park
6. Exclusive DLC
7. 3 new Downloadable titles.
8. Advanced Games.
9. Internet Explorer on the 360.
10. A lie. Actually they said a new console was confirmed.

So, let's go over the points.
1. Not a real sequel, repeated every E3 for MS.
2. No one wants to whistle in a shooter.
3. Multiplat. Meaning why should you be excited for this solely for the 360 when it's out on 3 other platforms?
4. Sure, an app no one will use. So exciting. -_-
5. Another multiplat.
6. As opposed to exclusive games.
7. Among the hundreds of downloadable titles already available.
8. Reading their description of this, there is nothing "advanced" about them. They describe experiences we've already seen. What's to be excited about?
9. 2006 and the PS3 say hi.
10. They admitted MS didn't say anything about a new console, so why should anyone be excited about something that wasn't announced?

Story Quality = WTF
Do you like this Website = No
Hit Mongers = Fail

Hicken2058d ago

Well, a list of ten things looks better than a list of five things, even if half of those things aren't really reasons to be excited.

But they apparently need the hits, so..

KMCROC542058d ago

Looking forward to everything announced.

bahabeast2058d ago

hate to say it but internet explorer, kinect, smart glass app = damn good ideas from microsoft and people will love

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