Nintendo's subdued showing and the open question of the Wii U

Gamasutra: "Nintendo sought to introduce Wii U's new concepts of interactivity and bringing families together, but its E3 presentation for the console showed very little of the innovation fans have come to expect from the company."

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Boody-Bandit2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I dont even know where to begin with how disappointed I am with Nintendo and their WiiU presentation. Where is Zelda, Metroid, a full blown Mario adventure game, multiplats that we have not already played, more hardcore and mainstream games and less casual, exercise, social and multimedia crap I don't use my gaming consoles for?

BTW, where is this powerful console I have been led to believe this will be? Not only rivaling current gen console (360 & PS3) but supposedly surpassing them. I didn't see that. If I'm being me, honest, I thought all the multiplat games they showed were a little lesser graphically than what is on the PS3 & 360. Look closely at Batman in hi def and compare it to the version you played, if you played it, I don't think it looks as good. The character models looked great but the backgrounds look to me to have less detail. Maybe it's just me but I have already checked in with quite a few friends, all Nintendo fans, and they agreed.

What's the point of releasing a new console if it's not at least a little better than current gen consoles? The WiiU should've been the Wii. They should just rename this console WiiHD.

user54670072147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I hate the whole "connected" thing they are trying to shove down our throats with the Wii U. They try and make it sound core like they are following in MS and Sonys footsteps but it still comes off as casual and family friendly

Just let people chat to their friends through a headset while their playing games and people would be happy.

egidem2147d ago

I was disappointed with the conference. If Nintendo's strategy to get us hardcore back is through games we've already played and beaten, then they're in for a tough time.

I wasn't impressed - I didn't see anything that made me say "Oh GOD, DAY ONE BUY WII U!", but more on the lines of "Meh".

It's clear they think they can replicate the Wii's success back in 2006. They're in for some serious disappointment.

I was really let down. They are launching a new hardware for frack's sake! No release date, not even a price point (Let's hope these are addressed at the Tokyo Game Show in September), but come on, this was E3!!!

Once again, nothing really detailed about the Wii U's specifications. If such a subject were to become extremely technical, at least a tech demo would've eased our curiosity...but nope. No surprises.

People have reasons to believe that Sony and MS didn't bring out the big guns because they're focused on next gen. Ninty had ever opportunity to outshine everyone...and they blew it.

...and who knew Ubi would steal the show??

KwietStorm2147d ago

I was surprised with all 3 conferences. I felt Microsoft just kicked the door open with a welcome mat for Sony, then they turned around and did the sane thing for Nintendo, but none of them really took advantage of any of it. I too am wondering where the power is. I'm feeling like many multiplatform games already deep in development won't even be on the Wii U, at least not initially, and by the time the next PlayStation and Xbox are around, they'll be too far ahead hardware wise to even matter.

Felinox2147d ago

Exactly. I was hoping for wii u DeadSpace3 and Borderlands2. But i get Mass Effect3 and Arkham City? I beat those last year... Jeeze i had such high hopes. Colonial Marines looks cool but one good game aint gonna cut it.

eagle212147d ago

I think those trailers aren't like in game...just rushed to put a WiiU logo on them for E3. Nintendo needs 5 epic unveils to persuade my purchase. I loved Pikmin 3, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion. Of course i'll download NSMB2 but what about more WiiU? I bet 3DS has even more.

My E3 interest is The Last Of Us, Pikmin 3, Beyond, Paper Mario and a couple more like more information on Watch Dogs. I usually have over 10 games i want from E3 past. 3DS is fine, just need more information on WiiU. I do like the look of the hardware and concept though. They simply played hard to get this E3. Hopefully, we get surprised.

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ozzywazzy2147d ago

We all witnessed an uninspired lame conference, TOGETHER.