No, Really, Where's the Real Tomb Raider Game?

"...My response after last year’s trailer was one of quiet acceptance with maybe a hint of acquiescence. I didn’t honestly know what to think. This year, I have much more of a clear response: what the hell is this? Is this Saw? Is this Cannibal Holocaust? Because I know Tomb Raider, and this sure as hell doesn’t look like any Tomb Raider game I’ve played. It’s kind of strange to see. And also painful. Yeah, painful is a good word, considering the amount of grotesque torture the developers seem intent on putting Lara Croft through."

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mochachino2180d ago

Interesting, it's rare that a long-term gamer is over-sensitive to violence. Most of the time it's the other way around. This is what makes Laura as tough as nails.

I wonder if it were a guy, would the author have the same reaction?

Captain Qwark 92180d ago

no idea but frankly this is the first time i think ive ever seen a tomb raider that says to me, must buy

game looks really good and im happy to see such an old franchise receive such good treatment

starchild2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

People bitch that Tomb Raider wasn't changing with the times enough, and now some people are going to bitch that it "isn't Tomb Raider".

That's the dilemma that faces developers: change things (even if for the better) and you risk upsetting long time fans; change nothing and get criticized for not innovating enough.

I think the new Tomb Raider looks insanely good and fun to play...and that is what matters to me.

@MysticStrummer below.
Um... aside from the set pieces (which lots of games have) I really don't see how they are that similar. Not even close to a clone.

@to those saying that they should just name it something different and make it a new IP.

Well the problem would be that it DOES have a ton in common with past Tomb Raider games, so even if they did make it a different IP people would just end up calling it a Tomb Raider rip-off.

I remember people having the same complaints about Castlevania Lords of Shadow, but I really don't get that. It was waaay better than any past Castlevania and still had enough of the essence of the franchise to legitimately be called a Castlevania game. Most importantly it was simply an amazing game.

I will take a well-made reboot over a rehashed franchise game any day.

MysticStrummer2180d ago

I don't care about the violence, but it certainly doesn't look like a Tomb Raider game. It looks very linear, heavily scripted, and light on puzzles, all of which are complaints I have about the Uncharted series. At least with Uncharted they've all been that way so you know what you're getting, and Uncharted does that type of gameplay as good or better than any game of it's kind.

Tomb Raider should be about exploration and puzzles more than combat. It looks cool and all but they should have just made a new IP instead of a reboot that changes more than it keeps the same.

It always made me laugh that Uncharted was called a Tomb Raider clone when they were nothing alike. Now Tomb Raider is most definitely an Uncharted clone.

InTheLab2179d ago

While not a true open world, the game features "hubs" that are fully explorable and I'm sure it'll be full of ancient puzzles. There's also a metroidvania style progression that allows you to revisit areas that were previously inaccessible because you lacked the equipment or skill or whatever.

TR does have that cinematic feel and is clearly heavily inspired by UC, but it's far from linear.

This info was on Spike shortly after the MS presser. Don't have a link but I'm not making it up...

arbitor3652180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

calling this game misogynistic? really? actually having a realistic character who struggles, suffers, and has to overcome daunting obstacles to reach a higher point...... is misogynistic? i dont fucking think so. that is what we call a legitimate fucking story and not shying away from putting a female character through the same struggles that male characters endure (I mean, did you see the opening scene in uncharted 2?).

what a pathetic article. I voted "WTF" and "no" for this site. I dont care to ever read another asinine opinion piece like this one again.

jc485732179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Jesus, how often do you get to play a true survival game? I don't know how well the other games sold, but this is the first time I've ever become interested in the Tomb Raider series. Some games eventually hit a wall, if it doesn't change or even improve drastically, then it's going to die. I honestly think that they're simply stepping up the survival experience and better yet, you get to know the character a bit more. Being a badass is not everything, but people continue to think that's part of gaming. Let's face it, the medium is evolving with some developers. You want something along the same line? Play Dynasty Warriors, it's been the same throughout.

Silentscope2179d ago

Seems the author of the article missed the part about this game being a reboot to the franchise. As well as the part about this game being the studios way of showing how Lara's story began, what made her "The Lara Croft we all know." Of course this game doesn't look like a 1:1 clone of the other Tomb Raider games gameplay wise, we are going to be playing as a younger Lara Who has never been through things like this before.

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