E3 2012: More Prince of Persia rumors surface

A NeoGaf user has just found a source that says Ubisoft is currently showing a new Prince of Persia game behind closed doors to a select number of journalists. According to the user, someone does have the trailer for the game, but it has yet to make its way to the public. After using Google Translate on the site from which this info surfaced, this is what the source had to say.

"PR department of the French publisher Ubisoft made a serious blunders: journalists accidentally showed footage from the teaser clip of the new game in the universe of Prince of Persia. However, in an eerie and without any details, but the fact remains that the development of the next game in the popular adventure series is in full swing. In the presented frame, we saw a bald warrior (his face is hidden shadow), armed to the teeth and “packaged” in a strong leather armor.

This story would have ended well, if not in the camp of Ubisoft showed someone with a very long tongue. The source within the..."

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