Nintendo Still Hasn’t Announced The Specs for the Processor and Graphics Card in the Wii U

Nintendo has updated the Wii U website and its specs since the curtain dropped on their press conference. Did it change any? Well two things that still haven't been detailed are the graphics card and CPU.

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richierich2182d ago

I guess they dont want to put people off by revealing the specs until the console is released

xCaptainAmazing2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Even if the specs are really good they wouldn't say anything more. Nintendo don't give a shit. If you ever get real specs it will be a developer delivering you the information... and I hope somebody does this because it does matter, to an extent. It's indicative of how the machine will fair next to it's eventual (and also current) competition.

Few care if it's the most powerful, they just want to know it will be in the same tier so third parties can support it for a long time alongside the others.

dark-hollow2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

nintendo almost never announce the specs of their systems, and i dont think a wii game being shifted to the wii u half way into development (pikmin) and couple of half assed third party ports gonna showcase the consoles power.

remember the 360 launch games? they were basically upscaled ps2/xbox 1 games till gears 1 came and blew everything out of the water.

ProjectVulcan2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

360 launch titles still had some pretty stuff. PGR3 for example blew away every racer at that time no sweat. The car models and city models were way beyond anything around at the time.

Personally i watched the pikmin 3 video and i love pikmin. I still have them on cube.

We don't know the precise resolution, but visually there was absolutely nothing there PS3 and 360 couldn't do at HD resolutions. More importantly to refer to your comment specifically, even on launch PS3 and 360 could have pulled those visuals off before the hardware was further exploited. There wasn't a whole lot going on was there.

Pikmin is not the best game to showcase the performance of a machine but if it was considerably faster than PS3 and 360 i would imagine we would notice it in that game but it seems not...

theeg2181d ago Show
CouldHaveYelledUiiW2182d ago

If you expect them to do this... Good Luck With That.

ozzywazzy2182d ago

It'd be suicide to release specs. It's obviously dated hardware.

bobacdigital2182d ago

how is it obvious? It is running several games the prior gen has been running with no visible difference (not yet at least).... Mass 3 , Darksiders, Batman, and later AC...

corrus2182d ago

Actually they did show nothing again only their games Mario and Pikmin 3

ozzywazzy2182d ago

Your comparing it to 6 year old tech.

xCaptainAmazing2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

They showed Batman (go watch the demo of the controller in the one on one interview) and it looked to be at the same level. Didn't necessarily look much better, but the incentive to put the development time into that isn't there. It's more important to sell the new experience at this point (although I wish they had time and desire to boost visuals as well).

There's also a demo of AC3 of the same fashion you can find. It's looking identical. I think it was expected that all of the early stuff would just be "me too." I'm just a little disappointed they didn't give us anything like the zelda tech demo this year, maybe for Retro's new game. Because, we know it can likely do it, but seeing as how a REAL game isn't here to show yet, people will remain skeptical, myself included.

mike1up2182d ago

I thought that Rayman and ZombiU looked great.

GillHarrison2181d ago

The pre-rendered trailer they showed at the conference for ZombiU looked nice, then seeing actual gameplay in the GametrailersTV interview shows the actual game looking pretty average.

DNAbro2181d ago

Rayman looks nice because of art style, not the graphics.

MasterCornholio2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

They wont do this because so far i havent seen this

From the Wii U. Which means to me at least that it isnt a next gen system its only playing catch up to the 360 and the PS3 even though it is capable of producing slightly better visuals (from the footage that i have see.

Its pretty obvious that Nintendo is using the same strategy that they used with the Will. Produce a cheap console with innovative features then sell it for a massive profit.

bobacdigital2182d ago

They said Wii U will get Mass Effect 3 which runs on the UE3 engine....

ABizzel12182d ago

That Unreal Engine demo was not the same Unreal Engine running on current-gen consoles, it was Unreal Engine 3 technology being highly optimized into what would later become Unreal Engine 4.

NastyLeftHook02182d ago

honestly, if the wii specs arent atleast a moderate upgrade in graphics i will avoid it all together unless the price is $100.00, and im assuming that will not be for a while.

Next gen is supposed to have bleeding edge graphics that when you see them there is no doubt in your mind there next gen.

And its not all about graphics, next gen brings more technology to impliment more gameplay and features/bigger worlds, more ai, enemys on screen ect ect ect...

bobacdigital2182d ago

The vita isnt going to take off and it will be a failure.. if it is Sony wont be making anything BLEEDING edge because the market isnt demanding it... Look at games like Watch Dog, Last of us, and Beyond.. Does it look like those games need a massive jump in hardware?

The next gen is going to be a marginal jump in specs.. More video ram, system memory , and small jump to current tech on cpu and video card... It wont be some massive jump... I own a high end PC and I will tell you right now the difference between the BEST developed console game and the average to above average pc game isnt THAT much that can be noticed by the general gamer.

NastyLeftHook02182d ago

Your right, the vita isn't going to just take will blast off, assassins creed 3 bundles with it is enough for many people, and dont get me started on call of duty for it.

kneon2181d ago

But part of the problem with PC games is that developers don't bother to try and squeeze all they can out of the high end PCs, there just aren't enough of them to make it worth their while. And the fact that there isn't a standard configuration of high end PC makes it all the more difficult.

If there actually was a single high end PC model with known specs, components and software mandated by Intel or Microsoft then developers could afford to spend the time to maximize the utilization of the available hardware. We'd then see much better looking and performing games than what we have now.

GillHarrison2181d ago

Watch Dogs was running on a high end PC much like Star Wars 1313. Watch Dogs was only later announced to be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, which I doubt very much.

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