Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Screens and Artwork

Square Enix has at long last provided us with a first look at Final Fantasy XIV's Version 2.0 revision.

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Pain1938d ago


Cant wait , till then i'll keep grinding away.

Drabent1938d ago

Just hurry and bring it to Ps3 plz FFXI is deadaga IV>

TheFinalEpisode1938d ago

So what happened to the PS3 version of this game?

Lavalamp1938d ago

Pulled from the show at the last minute.

Reibooi1938d ago

SE stated over at the lode stone site that they had planned to release a new trailer at E3 but they instead decided it would be best to wait a bit so they could release a flood of info regarding 2.0 instead of a trickle.

araman1938d ago

Looks GREAT - that $8 I spent on it on Amazon a few weeks ago should be well worth it down the road. Really need to see it in action though...

Azurite1938d ago

Looks awesome.
Played the Alpha/Beta of FFXIV... one of the worst game experiences of my life, absolutely horrible, it's hard to describe. They refused to listen to our feedback and then released that piece of crap.

But 2.0 actually looks like another game, may even give it a try when it release.

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