ZombiU Shown With On Stage Gameplay Video

Dan writes - "Ubisoft has come up on stage for Nintendo's press conference and announced their new title for the WiiU, ZombiU. And we've got the exclusive on stage gameplay video."

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FriedGoat2267d ago

If anyone thinks this is actual gameplay they are RETARDED.
This is all CGI, its like they saw DAYZ and thought, that looks good, lets make a CGI video for E3 then create the game afterwards.
Not only is the game footage fake, the hands holding the controller are too.

Hisiru2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

You want proof that you are completely wrong and making useless assumptions that will spread bad information about the game making you an ignorant? (long answer, and yes, it was in-game footage, not CG)

Here is some new footage:

Looks like youre the only retarded here. Can't wait to see your "desperate" disagrees :heh:

Army_of_Darkness2267d ago

when I watched Hisiru's link to zombiU, it didn't look nearly as good as the gameplay trailer that we just saw... But an interesting game non the less.

Hisiru2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Vallay's video qualities are bad, you can't expect a good quality and graphics (but it's very good site).

What I was trying to show is that it wasn't fake gameplay (he was complaing about the hands holding the controller).

This game is exclusive to the WiiU, so it's obviously running on this console. And in the interview they said it wasn't CGI.

I wanted to give a punch in his face with that comment because he called people "retarded" for no reason.

FriedGoat2267d ago

Hahaha Hisiru, Compare the videos again, It was CGI gameplay, that footage you just showed me was ingame yes, but look they are completely different. Even the movement.