Could Watch Dogs come to next-gen too? Ubisoft CEO remains coy

"PS3, 360, PC and, er, we'll see," says Ubisoft CEO.

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Shadonic2150d ago

hopefully they will annonunce next gen at pax this year and have it come out early 2013.

ABizzel12150d ago

I hope so. It would be wonderful to play it like it is on PC.

Pandemic2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I'll be getting the best experience out of this which is the PC version.. Pretty excited to see more.

Spydiggity2149d ago

i would normally agree with you. but have you ever tried to play a ubisoft game on pc? it's awful. they don't know how to optimize.

i definitely prefer PC to a game on console...IF it works. unfortunately, that's a pretty big if. to play the first assassin's creed (bought on steam), i had to unplug my ethernet cable and go into offline mode just to get it to run properly.

Hisiru2149d ago

Maybe the best experience for you will be the PC version (and I can't go against it or say that you are wrong) but the best experience for me will be the version including trophy support and all my PSN friends. I don't really care about the graphics, I know the game will be extremely fun on any platform.

Shadonic2149d ago

yea i was thinking about getting a good PC to try out DAYZ and stuff and other games got any tips on how to get a good rig set up with under 500 bucks ?

STONEY42149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

"i would normally agree with you. but have you ever tried to play a ubisoft game on pc? it's awful. they don't know how to optimize."

It really varies game-by-game. Far Cry 2 is one of their best, no complaints with Rayman Origins, and Assassin's Creed's ports have been getting better with each game. I heard Driver was a decent port too. They're starting to lay off on the DRM too lately.

Then you have the bad ones like Splinter Cell Conviction, the first couple of Assassin's Creed releases, and From Dust. From Dust is a terrible port.

Judging from the E3 demo of Watch Dogs though, this game is definitely taking advantage of higher-end PCs.

@Sadonic, the first post here has good information and builds around the $500 mark.

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Crazyglues2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Hell I think Nex Gen is the only thing that can run this game, and have it look like what they showed at E3...

-and As a Nex Gen Release title, this would be Awesome-


Lazy_Sunday2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

The bokeh blur and dof in the gameplay would be very hard to do on current gen consoles, so I was already assuming this was a game for the next gen consoles, otherwise it'll run worse than Crysis 2 on current gen consoles.

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bahabeast2149d ago

yes it is pc is next gen rite now.

PersonMan2149d ago

Yeah... all it needs is next gen games.

PC games right now are just higher resolution current gen games. Wait until next gen consoles to start getting PC games where everything looks like Battlefield 3 and Watch Dogs.

kevnb2149d ago

thats not really true at all, theres a wide spectrum of pc games coming out every year. Some push hardware, some dont. Anyone that has been pc gaming since the 90s knows PC gaming isnt centered around bleeding edge tech.

PersonMan2148d ago

kevnb: No, PC games are just current gen games. Almost all PC games are being held back because they have to be able to run on consoles too.

Show me a PC game that looks drastically different than on console. I haven't seen one yet.

Even Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 look about the same on PC (just higher res like I was saying). DX11 is nice and the better shaders are nice, but it still doesn't look like next gen stuff.

modesign2149d ago

if watchdogs is successfull, then watchdogs 2 will be on next gen consoles.

Starbucks_Fan2149d ago

I'd like to see what it's like on the Wii U if that ever happens.

Spydiggity2149d ago

well, i can tell you this much... The graphics won't be as good as on the other consoles. Wii U is more disappointing than Wii was 6 years ago. and i was one of those people that was practically giddy before the nintendo press conference.

esemce2149d ago

The WiiU is supposed to be slightly more powerful than 360/PS3. I'm glad I have a gaming PC, Ms and Sony trying to drag this console gen out for 7-8 years is pathetic.

DwightOwen2149d ago

They're not really dragging it out. They can't release new hardware because nobody would pay what they would be asking for it and if they did turn around and sell it for what people would pay they'd go out of business within two years from all the losses.

yabhero2149d ago

Since WiiU is like 2x PS3 and 360 and they can handle this, WiiU should play better.

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