Wii Fit U Announced

Wii fit U has been announced at Nintendos E3 presentation today. The Wii U helps bring the whole Wii Fit experience to the users hands.

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cpayne932020d ago

Don't do too much of this junk nintendo. A little bit is fine but the focus better be games this next gen, more than what was given for the wii.

zeal0us2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

This is one of the ways how they target an older audience. Better games will come.

MasterCornholio2020d ago

The name is stupid but the casuals will gobble it up which is Nintendos plan for the Wii U based on the conference that i have seen.

BTW did they even show a new Zelda game during the conference? because i missed a part of it.