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You can now watch the 2012 Nintendo E3 Press Conference live at

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Tonester9252146d ago

Hopefully some Smash Bros Gameplay?

rks892146d ago

I can see that at next years E3 for sure.

Now? Too early. Maybe a teaser but..... nah. lol.

gatormatt802146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

For all that talking he sure didn't show us much, where's all this information Reggie keeps talking about. No price announcement, not very many games... No thanks Nintendo, think I'll pass on this one.

Blastoise2146d ago

@gatormatt80 I agree. Reggie was all "its about the games this" and "its about the games that" but when it came down to it all they really showed that didnt suck was Pikmin 3.
And the 3DS was completely left in the dark.

Very disappointing conference

ShinMaster2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Nintendo talked more, but didn't show anything new.

Sony showed more, but only a couple of surprises.

Microsoft talked and showed an even amount of stuff that isn't gaming related, like sports.


Maybe Sony and Nintendo sorta tied.

Akuma-2146d ago

Why are most of the games still using graphics similar to Mario 64 on ultra Nintendo?

I want to buy a wii u because its a new video game system but its almost like they are doing everything to make me not want to buy it. I thought this thing suppose to cater more to the core

bothebo2146d ago

My thoughts exactly. Old and crappy games are not going to capture the core audience. The only people who are going to buy a Wii U are Nintendo fan boys, no one else. Personally, I see no reason to buy it.

jack_burt0n2146d ago

It really is time that Valve and nvidia stepped up and joined forces to bring a "proper" 3rd conference to E3.

could be a huge technology and indie development powerhouse for exposure.

stage882146d ago

Looks like Sony has won E3 2012 then.

Nintendo and Microsoft can fight it out between each other for worst conference.

GillHarrison2146d ago

For console conferences Sony won, but only because it was the best of worst. Overall I think Ubisoft stole the show with Watch Dogs.

tokugawa2146d ago

what was the prize for winning e3??

does anyone know? alot of people talk about someone winning, so they must know what was up for grabs...

stage882146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@tokugawa You must be new to E3. There's no prize but every year there's always one company that comes out the winner.

There doesn't have to be a prize. Not all events end with a prize.

dmixwell2146d ago

this year at E3 Sony , Microsoft an Nintendo has produced the worst Electronic Entertainment Expo i have ever seen. there are no winners . we all lost this year. i wanted to hang up my dualshock 3 for good after sonys conference .

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Blastoise2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

It was rubbish tbh. Best thing about it was Pikmin 3, that game looked great. Too much ranting from Reggie, too much time spent on fitness & dance games and no Zelda, Metroid or Animal crossing stuff. Sony took it this year, even with the harry potter move game fail.

egidem2146d ago

I'm really let down by Ninty. Disappointed.

Pikmin was great, but then on everything went downhill. How did they think that the hardcore would jump right on the Nintendoland stuff??

I kept wishing that Nintendo announce something near the end of the show, A new Metroid for example, to blow everyone away, but it looks like my expectations were too high.

If Nintendo's focus this time is getting back the hardcore, how will they win them back with stuff like Dance Central 4 and Wii Fit U? Do they expect us to buy this stuff at launch?

No release date, no price - nothing!

It's disappointing because they had EVERY CHANCE to blow everyone else out of the water, but they didn't.

...and who the hell knew that Ubisoft, a 3rd party publisher, would outshine everyone else?!?

TreMillz2146d ago

seriously a hr and 15 with NO PRICE OR RELEASE DATE...just a bunch of games we knew was coming or obviously knew was gonna be announced(3 mario games...smh)...Im sorry but Nintendos Conference wasnt that much better than Microsofts or Sonys...Honestly its between Ubisoft and Sony

morkendo232146d ago

ONLY decent game i've seen thats not FPS related (rehashes) was RATCHET AN CLANK FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT
rest is rehash from 2006

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xtremexx2146d ago

750 in 3 mins? i call hax. XD

Crazay2146d ago

HAH! Seriously right?

Regardless there are tons of Big N fanboys that would no doubt be looking at this giving it a huge boost in temperature.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232146d ago

yeh! because only nintendo fanboys are watching nintendo E3.

i have watched all of them and i am a PC gamer.

PHOSADRA2146d ago

New game with 23 showing up on stage during the conference.
I like how they're are going to focus on games.
Should be good....

bothebo2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

No it's sucking about 30 minutes in.

deep_fried_bum_cake2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Have to agree, it's pretty underwhelming so far. Most of this crap sounds like the majority of the Wii game library. Good to see some core games coming to it, they'll be good, but I'm really hoping this improves.

PHOSADRA2146d ago

Damn I spoke too soon...
They had me hyped at the beginning talking about all the games...

neutralgamer192146d ago

Please i knew Nintendo would do this crapppppp. I called it a month ago when i saw rayman they would show cartoony graphics games that in no way show what the wii u can do smh All these games could probably be reproduced on the vita and def. on the xbox or 360 big fail sorryyyy!!!!!