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The Virtua Fighter franchise started back in the early 90’s when anything with 3D was billed as “Virtual Reality”. The first Virtua Fighter allowed players to do astonishing things like sidestep; moving their character into the mysterious Third Dimension!

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ExPresident2209d ago

Good score and its free now to PS+ users. Score.

DlocDaBudSmoka2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

i was coming to say the same thing. i guess great minds do think alike. bubs+

Robotronfiend2209d ago

I was going to buy this day 1 anyhow, but I just caught the news about the new PS+ content today.

Now all we need is a PS+ discount for bigger hard drives and a how-to video on the front of the PS blog.

ExPresident2209d ago

Don't think you would ever see a PS+ discount on HDD's considering if they did that it would probably be an official Sony HDD of some sort that would cost more then something you could buy at a local store.

You can find all kinds of youtube videos or articles on how to swap out your HDD quickly and easily in under 10 minutes. Its beyond easy to do. Only issue I had was I put a 500GB HDD in my original PS3 and 2 weeks ago the HDD died :(