The Last of Us - Game of E3?

Console Domination writes: I don't think anyone was prepared for The Last of Us. Despite all we've seen from the game, despite the fact that our expectations for the title were already high, the ten or so minutes of gameplay filled a hole in our gaming lives that none of us knew was there. Naughty Dog just keep getting better, and their progress as developers, story-tellers, and creators of original entertainment and experience, has for this generation of gaming, been unsurpassed. The Last of Us has thus far showcased exactly how fundamentally good games can be.

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omi25p2148d ago

I think that goes to Watch Dogs.

Dark3602148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Watch Dogs is the game of the show, Looks amazing.

Game play Videos HD:

darren_poolies2148d ago

Watch Dogs looks good but that gameplay footage doesn't even begin to compare with the brutal awesomeness that is The Last Of Us.

LOGICWINS2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

This is all HIGHLY opinionated. People look for different things in games.

EDIT: So disagrees, its not highly opinionated? Everyone MUST come to the SAME conclusions? LOL, why do I even try having a normal conversation here.

A-Glorious-Dawn2148d ago

I agree with Logic.

Both games looked amazing one can't state an overall best game of e3.

It would be between these two though

TekoIie2148d ago

Absolutely agree! Not only was there depth to the gameplay and a potential for ridiculous amounts of detail but it nearly made me cry when he caused the crash at the crossroad :'(. To think the character your playing as caused someones wife, friend or anyone close to them to die really pulls on you heart strings!

But we havent seen enough of TLOU to really say its the best of E3. You cant look at that gameplay and say the whole package is going to be amazing. Im really worried that Ellie is going to get in the way or ruin a strategy i might have or maybe even help TOO much and make the game potentially easy.

I have faith in Naughty Dog but they gotta put a lot into this game to make sure it works well.

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LOGICWINS2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I still think God of War and AC3 were more impressive. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that Far Cry 3 had a more exciting presentation. Gameplaywise, I see the Last of Us getting old quick. I remember when I saw the E3 demo of Uncharted 2 and I was floored. Then I got the game, played it once, then never touched it again. I see the same thing happening with the Last of Us.

The Last of Us could win every single E3 award for all I opinion still stands. What ND has done the past few years is release the most polished action adventure games on the market..but they haven't done anything thats drastically new. TLOU still reminded me too much of Uncharted.

Ascension gets a pass for me because although its more of the same(like TLOU) the gameplay is incredibly exciting to me.

TekoIie2148d ago

bewbs > TLOU... Im sorry but someone had to say it :3

OmniSlashPT2148d ago

Impossible. Since Watch Dogs has no playable gameplay demo, it won't win any best of e3 awards. Maybe best surprise or new IP.

Mac is OK2148d ago

E3 judges don't need to play the game to vote for it, they just need to see the game being played. As long as the presentation wasn't staged, Watch Dogs will likely be Game of Show.

JoGam2148d ago

The Last of Us is on my radar and was the game I mostly wanted to see, but if the "GAMING GODS" gave me an opportunity to play one game shown at E3 this year from start to finish, today,.... it will be Watch Dogs.

OpenGL2148d ago

You may be right because Watch Dogs seems to be a big surprise and we've already known about The Last of Us for awhile and seen other videos.

Both games look awesome though, I'm loving the lack of regenerating health in The Last of Us.

StanSmith2148d ago

So we are claiming game of E3, yet we have one more conference left? Not much logic in that one!

It's a three-way tie for me so far. Last Of Us, Watchdogs & Star Wars 1313.

ronin4life2148d ago

I know, right? -_-;
I really think there are going to be heads turned 360 with wiiu, as everyone should be paying attention yet it is obvious many here aren't.

Watch out for whiplash, people.^_^;

omi25p2148d ago

I think its a 3 way tie for second place. Between Halo 4, Last Of Us and Star Wars 1313

Nimblest-Assassin2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Truth is we really haven't seen much of both games

Even though I was blown away by watch dogs... I think the real surprise was that it was a secret ip by Ubisoft of all people, and caught everyone of guard. If we never heard of the last of us till e3... I think hype for it would have been through the roof. E3 day one was deprived of surprises... and Watch dogs was the only one... but I think thats why everyone thinks its the best of show... cuz it surpried everyone. Im not trashing it... it looks amazing.. but I think because it was the ony surprise of the day... thats where the hype came from

But TLOU and watch dogs have a good chance... as well as Ac3. Also... we need to consider if Ubi will even show the demo in detail. Its not even on the show floor, where as we can expect more insight on the other games... then again Bioshock infinite won last year with out showing us anything

All 3 of those games really blew me away, and if any of them win best of e3... Im cool with it

ronin4life2148d ago

Watchdogs got me because of the fact that it had gameplay variation I haven't seen in years(especially from Western devs).
I live blogged the sony conf., so I didn't see tlou. But it sounds like RE + Uncharted. Not a bad thing, but not as fresh and unique as watchdogs.

metsgaming2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

i give the edge to the last of us, i know it will be amazing especially after that demo. We knew it was going to be great with high expectations but it still managed to be awesome thats hard to do. Watch Dogs looks great possibly amazing not sure though need to see more, certainly a buy. A welcome surprise, a new IP that looks very good, rare.

darren_poolies2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )


"This is all HIGHLY opinionated. People look for different things in games."

Stating the obvious much?

telekineticmantis2148d ago

I was more impressed by the concept and details Beyond, after Watch Dogs I thought e3 was over and Ubisoft won, but there was no actual gameplay.

GuyThatPlaysGames2148d ago

This game is DEFINITELY NOT the game of E3!! This "demo" was wayyy too scripted to see how this game truly plays.I want to see the natural and regular gameplay instead of a perfectly set-up scene.

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TheDopeFiend2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

It looked really good, Watch Dogs looked stunning but its running on a PC so it doesn't count, although Ubi have said it will be on current consoles, i don't want sloppy seconds, i want it to look as good the trailer, i'm not a PC gamer

I was hoping it was a next gen game, Beyond gets my vote

Ducky2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Why doesn't it count if it's running on PC?

Halochampian2148d ago

PC games cant get best of show?

Beyond looked great with the facial animations and voice acting but no gameplay was shown.

Mariusmssj2148d ago

Doesn't mean that others aren't. This gen consoles will always have "sloppy seconds" compared to PC graphics wise because they are limited due to their hardware, it's just a simple fact. Crysis 3 was also ran on PC, and i think many other multiplatform games did

ksense2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

watch dogs was impressive as well but not sure if that game is current gen. close call between the two. if they are both for current gen systems then I would go with watch dogs because that title is very ambitious and was a surprise out of nowhere. with last of us i was confident it was gonna be great because it is naughty dog. these two games are my highlights of e3 trailer and maybe beyond too but need to see gameplay.

I have to say i have finally been wowed at a halo trailer. that looked really good and makes me want to give halo another shot. before anyone jumps on me the halo games before were good graphically but never like wow amazing looking and this one seems to have hit that mark

Walker2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Watch dog was totally pre-rendered and fake trailer, just like killzone 2 in e3 2005 .

Hicken2148d ago

And Killzone 2 turned out to look even better than that trailer.

Also, Watch_Dogs was running on a high-end PC. Don't you pay attention to what's said around here before you comment?

No, I guess if you did that, you wouldn't have mentioned the KZ2 footage, either.

LOGICWINS2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

You think Killzone 2 looked better than that 2005 trailer? Umm..KZ2 didn't even come close to replicating the facial animations of that trailer(go ahead, tell me I'm wrong). Everytime someone tells me that the 2005 trailer was surpassed, I wonder if they have issues with their eyes.

What I WILL give you is that the Helghast had more detail in their suits in the final game..but as far as animations are concerned, anyone who says KZ2 surpassed that 2005 trailer needs to get a new prescription.

pr0digyZA2148d ago

Wasn't pre-rendered, but it was scripted. PC can do those graphics (actually reminds me of some of the enb mods for gta).

ABizzel12148d ago

Beyond, Watch Dogs, and The Last of Us were the 3 best games of the show so far. Nintendo step it up today, and see who the top 5 will be.

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