E3 2012 Microsoft Recap - Out of Continues

Out of Continues' Sayed Stafa and Phosphor get together to recap the E3 2012 Microsoft Press Conference and share their opinions of what they thought about it.

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stage881844d ago

That Usher picture makes me shudder...

sayedstafa1844d ago

I think it best represented MS's conference as a whole, that's why I chose the pic :P

Trenta271844d ago

Nice article title! Job well done.

godzilla721844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

As soon as that overrated goon came on, i turned the channel. They ruin these things when they put these clowns on. I guess they assume everyone likes this crap. I want to see games, not some laughable fool on stage acting like jacko!

I thought that guy already made his money and was done years ago, like most of those frauds. Other than that Sony has been showing some good games.

sayedstafa1844d ago

Well said, MS focused way too much on bringing in celebrities. Joe Montana, Usher, the South Park guys. And then they actually had the tenacity to say "only the BEST games are on xbox 360". What games, microsoft? What games?

godzilla721844d ago

Haha, yea no kidding. I was thinking the same thing, when they mentioned about only the best games! I didnt see anything from them. More Halo and Gears i guess, lol. Nothing new! Arent there enough shooters already?

Keep recycling the same ideas over and over. Im waiting for some new innovative games, thats all that matters to me. Not Microsoft trying to smoke screen the public with Usher dancing on stage! They always pull this shit!

Agent_00_Revan1844d ago

horrible show. cringe worthy.

sayedstafa1844d ago

sorry about that, any suggestions on how to improve?

rataranian1843d ago

If anyone from MS showed anything other than false hype they probably would've been fired. They knew they didn't have shit. We knew they didn't have shit. So they just gathered up some celebs and shoved a bunch of crap into our faces and ran off the stage probably thanking god that it was all over.