E3 2012: New Splinter Cell: Ironside ‘Blacklisted’


"Today, Ubisoft announced the next iteration in the franchise entitled Blacklist, and many warning signs blared in my head: little to no stealth was present, Sam looks young, the connection to Conviction was never explained (as it is obviously a sequel since Third Echelon is shut down)…

And one of the most appalling: Michael Ironside will not be returning as the voice of Sam."

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gaminoz2181d ago

I've always been a huge fan of Ironside and noticed that the voice wasn't the same.

I wonder if he was asking for too much?

ThichQuangDuck2180d ago

They claim that it is due to motion capture of the voice actor while he is talking so it looks realistic. I do not think Ironside would ask for more on what might be the last game after all this I kind of hope it is. They claim there is stealth still yet he calls in a missle. Ubisoft really disapointed me with this one, only getting it for spies vs mercs if I do get it

krazykombatant2180d ago

They should have just created a whole new character in my opinion would have finally shown the fans that they are moving on and that those that aren't on the glorified QTE bandwagon to piss off. Like you said the only reason I might get this is for spies v. mercs. No ironside means no buy. Most likely than not the game will not involve stealth. There will be a few points where you don't have to confront people but there will be other option were they will force you too. Just like conviction.

Lastly, did you even notice that most the take downs are now all lethal, i didn't see a knock out or kill option when the input button appeared.

BadCircuit2181d ago

The game does look more action oriented, but that's where stealth seems to be going.

The voice will take awhile to get used to, but the new one is fairly close. At least it isn't as bad as having an American accent for an arabic assassin (as in the first Assassin's Creed).

krazykombatant2180d ago

If you listen closely, the voice is nowhere near close, sam sounds like hes 20-early 30s. If Ironside wasn't going to be the voice they should have gone with a different character, just made up a new one from scratch.

ThichQuangDuck2180d ago

No I have been playing since chaos theory and at first thought people were making a huge deal about nothing but if you rewatch the trailer the voice is completely off. Like even before he talks you expect Ironside. They should have made a new character. Stealth is not going action oriented it is just trying to appeal to the mass group of people that hated stealth games thus losing all of the core audience because ubisoft does not care that chaos theory was the best or had the better sales then conviction

Belgavion2181d ago

I don't find the lack of Ironside as big a deal as others. It wouldn't be difficult to find a sound-a-like replacement anyway. I haven't seen the trailer though so don't know if there's a different voice on there...

gaminoz2181d ago

Watch Dogs seems to be the new Semi stealth game for looks a bit like Hitman.

Splinter Cell looks like a mix between Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon.

Hooshuwashu2181d ago

I think Ubi just wants action games... SC is anaction game, AC wants to be an action game, GR wants to be an action game.

Proeliator2181d ago

I hated how there was little to no actual stealth in the gameplay shown... the story interests me and I too have rejoiced in the news that SvM is back, so we'll see if it's an unfair trade-off as the author says..

Hooshuwashu2181d ago

I felt the voice was fine, but I didn't jump onto the series until Conviction.

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The story is too old to be commented.