Microsoft: Xbox is now the top-selling console worldwide

Before Microsoft had even set off any of its gaming fireworks, Don Mattrick took to the stage to tell us that its Xbox had now graduated from best-selling console in North America to best selling console in the world. We've already seen that new versions of Halo and Splinter Cell are both incoming -- so it looks unlikely that Microsoft's good run will be ending any time soon.

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NastyLeftHook02180d ago

Strange, it gets outsold worldwide by a competitor.

Cocozero2179d ago

Official numbers say otherwise.

And remember MS can't lie to its shareholders, if Sony or Nintendo were doing better that would be saying the same thing but they aren't are they?

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Haha1232179d ago


Whatever helps you sleep at night lol

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Fishy Fingers2179d ago

Pretty sure retailers have to except those shipments from manufacturers.

So they massage figures to paint them how they want to be seen. They all do, its nothing new, it's nothing to get worked up about and if Sony could claim to be the #1 seller, they would, and we'd all be blowing smoke up the ass for it.

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SuperLupe2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Calm down dudes. No matter what you say its pretty much over now. No amount of denial will change anything.

Next gen is kicking in in exactly 1 year and 6 months and there is no way the PS3 is catching up by then.

Sony gave it its all but they are definately finishing last this gen.

But you faithful musnt take it personal, they didnt get stomped like the GC and Xbox last gen.

I'll get a 1000 disagrees but I dont care. I know you're going to read this, get pissed off because you know its true then get in denial mode :)

Happy gaming ! No suprises but this E3 was pretty good, Halo 4 saved the show for MS, the Last of us is crazy and Watchdogs is probably the game of the show. Add to that I have a feeling Nintendo is going to blow us away ..

edit: and oh, until the PS3 passes the 360's install base they are last. No where outside of N4G the machine with the smallest install base is ahead of the one with a bigger install base. Thats N4G world wide web exclusive right there

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pandaboy2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Microsoft have certainly won so much from sony this gen and I think it's a victory for them even if/when the ps3 overtakes xbox in sales, however, claiming that somehow ps3 sales don't matter to sony when they launch the ps4 or when microsoft launches the next xbox in little over a year is just beyond ignorant. That's fanboy logic and a blatant disregard of sales data.


how can you possibly claim any kind of superior victory for sony here? They've lost so much this gen, financially and in terms of market share. The points you make, while some just outright false, the others are completely irrelevant.

Haha1232179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Wow some people really take brand loyalty to heart...

Anyhoo had a blast yesterday enjoyed what everyone had to offer now cant wait to see Nintendo blow me away with the WiiU software and unlike sony's 5 minute vita coverage.... an HOUR!! of 3DS software!!

sly-Famous2179d ago

"Official numbers say otherwise."

Can you please give a link to your claim?

BrutallyBlunt2179d ago

It's amazing that after this many years we still have losers arguing over this. Wow, talk about chest pumping to its fullest. Microsoft and Sony aren't leaving this business, get over it.

Do people even enjoy things anymore?

leahcim2179d ago

thats a lie

Ps3 surpass xbox worldwide

just look vgchartz

modesign2179d ago


hate to burst your bubble but alot of the 3ds first party titles are direct ports of the n64 games. im going to skip the 1hour 3ds snore fest,

the only problem with the wiiU will be its price and its technology, if its just slightly more powerfull than a ps3, it is going to get hammered by the ps4/nextbox(720) third party devs might stock pile wiiu titles now but when sony and micro role out there consoles third party will ditch the wiiu like a party ditches andy dick.

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shoddy2179d ago

But but but TEH SALESSSS!!!!!!!!

SilentNegotiator2179d ago

It's all about picking convenient time slots.

"Xbox is now the top-selling console worldwide" is deceptive to the core.

But that's PR.

mewhy322179d ago

Well, Microsoft came from behind and really pulled off a big win this generation. Good job Microsoft.

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Optical_Matrix2179d ago

Yeah that seemed odd to me. I remember at Nintendo's financial report last month, them specifically showing that the PS3 was ahead in units sold worldwide for the last fiscal year by over 1 million. Not sure how much that could have changed in a month and a half but hey, congrats if true

MrBeatdown2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

If I remember correctly, the PS3 outsold 360 for most of 2011, but the 360 came back in the last quarter, beating out the PS3 overall for the year. PS3 outsold 360 so far this year based on that Nintendo data.

I'm guessing Microsoft opted to mention the 2011 stats.

Tonester9252179d ago

It's called they can say what they want to get more people to buy the console.

That's like if I released an album and told the world that it would 1 million in a week, more people are going to get curious about why people are buying this. = More sales.

It's a LIE anyway you look at it but it works.

BlmThug2179d ago

Im a MS fan and a Sony fan too and MS's E3 this year sucked utter balls

fermcr2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Im a MS fan and a Sony fan too and Sony's E3 this year sucked utter balls.

Both (MS and Sony) were lacking.

HarryMasonHerpderp2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Microsofts was awful you cant even compare.
You know its bad when usher is a highlight lol.
Tomb raider looks good though but that's a multiplat.

kikizoo2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Lol fermcr, you are a ms fanboy pretending to be a gamer, not a "sony fan" at all, or you are just blind (only reason to find ms conference better than sony's one, like you did in other comment)

[email protected], and others new ms fanboy/sony haters troll multiaccounts... by the way, how dumbs are the sheeps happy for, defending a compagny giving them.... nothing, no exclusives since 3,4 years :)

Kurt Russell2178d ago

I like how Kikizoo flips his lid, claims fermcr found MS's E3 better than Sony (regardless of the fact fermcr never made such a claim)... Then goes on a mental rant about how everyone is a new ms fanboy/sony hater AFTER a string of anti MS comments.

I wish I could sympathy bubble for his utter stupidity ;)

I would say there are a few good games coming for all systems - Halo 4, last of us, zombieU... but overall the multiplats stole the show.

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thehusbo2179d ago

Loooool I was thinking the exact same thing. Strange indeed...

fermcr2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

"Strange, it gets outsold worldwide by a competitor."

LOL... you should not take vgchartz seriously.

TBM2179d ago

Hmm really in what reality is M$ is the one number selling console in the world? once again only my fellow american citizens would believe that bold face lie.

the only time the 360 sold well was black friday and it still didn't have them with the overall lead for the year, and this year their being outsold by a million units. how else can one console which was behind by 10-13 million units now be only 2 million behind? that's right it outsells its competitor to lower that lead.

our education system needs a complete overhaul because basic math seems to fail out people, or their just so damn blinded by hate or whatever they refuse to see the truth.

this is in fact the country that elected a moron for two consecutive terms who effectively ruined our nation but of course they don't want to believe that also.

chad22hkd2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

God you people and your fanboy war!! Look Sony and Microsoft have basically tied overall, and few million is nothing in overall sales.

Here is something else to think about too, Sony and Microsoft split the hardcore game sales, Nintendo owned the causal like a pro this gen.

But if you add Microsoft and Sony sales together, the hardcore systems would have sold more. It's the first time that Sony has had any real competition in the console space, and the market has grown so much this gen.

But guess what guys :) 60 million xbox, 60 million ps3, 90 million wii, everyone won, so who cares! It's not like Sony sold 10 million ps3 and won't make a ps4.

Is it really just my console is better than yours??!! really??!!! Love your games,I could understand a fanboy war about games a lot more than consoles! they are just computers with a name on them, shewwww

Anon19742179d ago

This is just Microsoft PR, and clearly they're referring to the last calendar year because anyone can google the financials of each company and see that the 360 is clearly not the best selling console in the world. It came out on top for calendar year 2011 for the first time ever, but just add up the numbers and it's clear that ever since the 360 had any competition, it's been out-sold head 2 head overall, and not by a small margin. This isn't a secret as all the data is out there, official from each company.

It's all about spin. And to those saying Microsoft can't lie about something like this? They can't lie on their financial reports but their PR guys make up false or exaggerated claims all the time. They claimed the 360 hit 66 million months before this actually came to pass. They flat out lied about European numbers when the PS3 overtook them in that region. They spin and exaggerate all the time, but when the financial reports hit, it all comes out.

Anyway, someone want to explain to me how this two sentence article is considered news?

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DaThreats2179d ago ShowReplies(4)
MaximusPrime2179d ago

Every E3 conferences MS claim they are the top seller worldwide.
It's a way of begging people to come back to MS.

But MS? your E3 yesterday was terrible. Its all about Kinect, fitness, sports, technology. Just 10% of your showing was gaming...

Grap2179d ago

NOT. don't lie last year the said that top seller in US. they said by the end of 2011 they want to be top seller worldwide don't lie idiot.

Kingdom Come2179d ago

No, actually Microsoft proclaimed to be the best selling console in the United States last year, and stated that this year they wanted to progress into the Worldwide Best Selling.

YodaCracker2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Microsoft showed Halo 4, Gears of War: Judgment, Resident Evil 6, Fable: The Journey, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Tomb Raider, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Matter, Ascend: New Gods, Lococycle, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Madden NFL 13, FIFA 13, and Forza Horizon, and still you say only 10% of their conference was gaming? How long did the conference last then, ten hours? They showed barely any Kinect compared to the last two years and yet you still complain about it. I've never seen someone this deep in damage control mode before, LOL!

raytraceme2179d ago

Just goes to show how dumb this world is becoming and how no one cares about quality gaming anymore like people did during the ps1 and ps2 eras. Oh well its sad to see marketing triumph over quality.

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Cocozero2179d ago

Quite a bit of damage control going on here, didn't think the truth could be so........damaging.

aviator1892179d ago

It's N4G, can you expect any less? Here, people take a truth and rip it to shreds.

chazjamie2179d ago

yeah i am pretty sure i am done with sony. after that awful e3 showing, i dont think i should have any faith in this brand anymore. so much disappointment not only with what they had to show, but with how poorly they handled the vita.