IGN - Sony's E3 2012 PlayStation 3 Conference Review

IGN - Mercifully, Sony finished off the show with The Last of Us, a far better exit than Microsoft’s earlier reliance on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Sony showed flashes of brilliance as always, and its two stars could well figure in many folks' lists of top five games of the show.

The old company is weighed down by its own troubles, under-performers like Move and Vita and a crappy stock-price. This 2012 showing demonstrated its positives and negatives. Sony, ultimately, is all about shifting hardware. Note the crucial difference between its laudable plan to connect its own Vita with PS3 and Microsoft’s plan to connect any tablet or smartphone with Xbox 360.

We may soon forget this event as, next year, a new generation of hardware unfolds. But we’ll always have two games that promise much, standing out against the year’s host of meat-headed shooters.

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sinncross2207d ago

everything was fine except the the almost complete lack of new PSV software to show off.

I mean, they have Gamescom to continue rolling out console exclusives, but they really needed to strengthen the image of their handheld now.

Abash2207d ago

I think having an all new CoD and Assassin's Creed that arent ports is going to be great for Vita sales this holiday

Pixel_Enemy2207d ago

Even a trailer showing little to no gameplay of the COD vita would have been enough to wet the mouths of gamers and the media. A logo and mere mention of the game we already knew was coming but knew nothing else about just pissed us off and left us hanging.

NewMonday2207d ago

its called Black Ops disclassified, so we know the campaign is standalone, but i hope the MP is cross-play with PS3 BO2

MaxXAttaxX2207d ago

* GOW: Ascension gameplay
* The Last of Us gameplay
* Beyond: Two Souls reveal
* PS1 classics on Vita, along with unique COD and AC.
* Free full PS3 game downloads monthly for PS Plus!
* PlayStation Mobile for new Android devices.

Commander_TK2207d ago

I think this was just as good as MS' conference. Both companies topped the dogshit that was E3 2011.

But I think Ubisoft have won E3 so far. Waiting for Nintendo.

jeseth2207d ago

Loved how Sony brought the games again. I agree above how it would have been nice to see more for Vita, especially gameplay. But God of War and The Last of Us did not dissapoint!Beyond looks interesting, will be fun to follow this games development.

Couldn't believe how brutal The Last of Us was! And how gorgeous it looks!

I was surprised there were no price drops. Its been a while and PS3 needs to be $199.

darthv722207d ago

what I liked about e3:

MS - halo 4, gears spinoff, forza and the smart glass/ie9 announcement.

Sony - all star battle royale, last of us, god of war and the playstation mobile announcement.

Ubisoft - rayman legends and I just watched the watch dogs this morn on ign and was really blown away at what I saw.

Last of us had great gameplay footage but watch dogs is the one to watch.

pixelsword2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Sony did okay; but with twenty games coming out, I wish they would have showed the games and not the non-game stuff that no one cares about. That book thing looked interesting for me to give to a kid, not for an adult. Save that stuff for another day when you have Games like Dust 514 that you need to put the word out on and games like The Last Guardian that needs a status update on, Sony.

Microsoft didn't do a bad job, they just didn't do a good job; they focused too much on services, which made me almost turn their conference. That Black-Ops footage was 100% animated, by the way. I'll be talking about that in my blog this week, Lord willing.

Nintendo won't be much better, if not worse; the Wii U is just an animated controller and I don't care for that much, although I did hear about the Wii zombie game so I'm excited about that.

I'm looking at the webpage ad on the left of this page with Bud Bundy talking.... Who the $*#* says "pwned" anymore?

Kevin ButIer2206d ago

The last of us was enough for me, as a new IP it blew everything else even GOW A and Halo 4.

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Kevin McCallister2207d ago

Yup, Sony really dropped the ball, but I can't say I'm too surprised. When it came time for them to make or break the Vita and instill consumer/developer confidence in their Vita support, they failed. Getting ready to put mine back in the box until Persona launches...Very expensive paperweight.

NastyLeftHook02207d ago

"Yup, Sony really dropped the ball,"

through the net. the last of us was game point. sony won.

--Onilink--2207d ago


he is talking about PSVita, what does the last of us has to do with anything?...

i dont really think its that hard to miss that sony basically ignored the Vita during the conference

r212207d ago

dude, you do know the ps vita has other games than persona, right?

kingdavid2207d ago

Gravity Rush is my next one. Cant wait.

dale_denton2207d ago Show
ShinMaster2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

They were supposed to convince gamers as to why we should get a Wii U soon instead of waiting a year or so for the next PlayStation or Xbox.

But they showed older multiplatform games and new games that can already be played on current PS3 and 360s.
They needed at least 1 or 2 big Nintendo exclusive announcements to make me want to buy a Wii U. The whole time I was like "where's the big reveal!?".

scotchmouth2207d ago


Its cheese not cheese pizza. At least get the saying right.

Kevin McCallister2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )


Not many that I'm interested in that have a release date/timeframe, unfortunately.

Gravity Rush-6/12: Might get at some point.
MGS HD Collection-6/12: Own the PS2 collection.
Lego Batman-6/19: Nope
Sound Shapes: No thanks
Madden 13-8/28: Bought this 7 years ago.
Fifa 13-9/17: Not a soccer fan
Persona 4-Fall: Atlus Fanboy
LBP-??: Will buy
Silent Hill BOM-10/1: WTF is this Konami?
Assassin's Creed 3-10/30: Need to see more first
Call of Duty-Fall: Hate
PASBR: Need to see more, but I already have Super Smash Brothers

Moving on past my release date analysis, I think the current release list is pretty lackluster. None of those games are going to bring the Vita sales out of the dumpster either.

Let the hatred begin, my Uncle Frank is calling me.

Christopher2206d ago

@Kevin: There was mention that there were 60 games to come for PS Vita before the end of the year. I'm not sure how many will be on disc or PSN ports. So, there could be more in the future.

dale_denton2206d ago Show
_Aarix_2201d ago

lol anywhere else and you'd be considered "off topic"
it doesn't You're talking to a die-hard sony ps3 fanboy who spreads his Cheer all across n4g, he doesn't care about the vita, ps3 issue. He's just a brat, simple as that.

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Pushagree2207d ago

No PS4. Very disappointing.

RioKing2207d ago

For me....disappointing, but not surprising -_-

Lucretia2207d ago

how the hell is that disappointing? games like last of us and Beyond 2 souls are still pushing the graphics and capabilities of the ps3, buuut you still want ps4 when ps3 isn't at its primse yet? i say give it a year or 2 till its even announced.

SSKILLZ2207d ago

It's not ready yet according to a programmer for Sony Japan I was talking to at the Sony conference party, but trust me it's powerfull and gonna be easy to develop software for.

Probably a reveal at TGS :)

Drabent2207d ago

Hell ppl didn't buy Ps3(like they should of):p

cjflora2207d ago

And when it does launch will it be the following?

"PS4 reveal. Too expensive. Very disappointing."

Pushagree2207d ago

This generation is running on reserves as it is. Consoles are maxed out, PC is blowing away the competition when it used to lag behind. The time for new consoles is NOW. Nintendo know this, MS and Sony are too stuck up thier own ass in this console war to see that it's been SIX YEARS since we saw the 7th generation. I want an update and more importantly, I want cross-game chat and in game music for ALL games.

ShinMaster2206d ago

Have you seen God of War, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs and the Last of Us?

Next gen can wait!

princejb1342206d ago


Dude how can you say Nintendo knows this gen is over , when from what I've seen the graphics barely surpass this gen xb360 or ps3
Of what I seen the wii u just showing another gimmick with the LCD controllers just like what wii did with the wii remote

Console war between Sony and Microsoft? The console war was not created by neither Sony or Microsoft, it was created by fan boys like you
Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are in this for profit not for a console war

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lelo2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

In all honesty, Sony's conference was even worse then Microsoft's. Severely lacking. I think Sony and Microsoft are pointing their guns to their next console, leaving PS3/X360 behind.

The middle of the conference was a snoozefest. Battle Royal crap (i don't get the appeal in this game). Hardly any PSV software (not a good sigh for the future of the console). God of War, Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls look good, but too far away. Sony has no big exclusive for the rest of 2012.

-Alpha2207d ago

What? It was much better than MS's. Last of Us really has me sold, just hope it presents a good difficulty. I was never really hyped for it as much as others until seeing that gameplay. Beyond also looks fantastic, those two alone make it better than whatever MS offered.

nik666uk2207d ago

you're talking shite! best go brush your teeth

EVILDEAD3602207d ago

I agree. Sony had a chance to destroy MS and honestly dropped the ball. All of the critiques MS took after their the last two E3s were on display with Sony last night.

Both had games that catered to their install base, I just feel like Sony's show overall was not better than MS this year.

It's a shamde because Last guardian would have parted the seas..


Lucretia2207d ago

wtf? worse than MS's? all MS did was show 2 old IP's and make usher dance.

sony atleast showed off 3 of their new ip's. thats infinite times the amount MS has shown us in 3 years since MS hasn't had a new IP since the mediocre alan wake.

Sony's conference was fine, stop whining

Eamon2207d ago

lol no. Regardless of how you found Sony's conference, NOTHING can be worse than Microsoft's.

jeseth2207d ago

I think Sony's conference was better simply because they have tons of great games!

I liked MS's press conference but they are focusing so much on non-gaming features that I am wondering what audience they really care about. There are tons of options for entertainment in today's age and while I like that they are moving the 360 towards an entertainment hub like Sony has done with the PS3 ... I don't buy gaming consoles for movies, music, or internet. I have a game console to play games.

Like Halo 4 a lot, but after that I think Sony showed the reason we even care about E3 ... Video Games. Looking forward to see what Nintendo brings today.

EVILDEAD3602207d ago

Lol @ pretending just because you have a new IP that proves your show was better. The move book game is a new IP and if Microsoft had spent the same amount if time on that fame that Sony did the entire outcry on N4G would have been that it was the worst E3 conference in history.

Again both had highlights and games to look forward to, but as for overall show, MS won IMO..


Mystickay862207d ago

@Evil - You sir are delusional. If only you didn't had that blatant "360" at the end of your name, I think I wouldn't term you a "360 fanboy".

I observed both conferences with no preferences in mind, and I saw Sony was better than MS. Ubisoft though dominated both.

Looking forward to Nintendo conference.

ronin4life2207d ago

I can't really decide who was better content wise, but I know this:
Microsoft was better than I expected.(yes, I expected that little)
And Sony was worse than I expected.(although I wasn't expecting much.)

I think we all need to admit that Sony had a powerful setup and completely dropped the ball. Microsofts conference was better than last years, even though it wasn't great, and Sony's was worse.

Ubi topped them all so far though AND was a major factor at both ms and Sony's conf.

Ubi topped them all, though

beerkeg2207d ago

Apart from Beyond and The Last of Us I wasn't impressed. It was pretty boring otherwise, GOW and Playstation Allstars were a bit of a yawn tbh.

And Wonderbook? My God, if MS had came out with that there would be memes for months based on it. Why it needed so much conference time I don't know.

Not a great E3 for Sony whichever way you spin it. It was slightly better than MS, but that's not something to jump for joy over.

morganfell2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Sony brought games. Right off the bat it was games. It was about games. They didn't spend half an hour discussing programming, nor did they feel the need for celebrity endorsements or Grammy performances. It was about the games.

E3 floors open today in full and we'll be seeing more about a great many things, including Vita titles that were not in the presser.

It's also laughable to hear people discount Sony because Sony didn't announce a rumor into which a poster here placed far too much stock. Not that the person actually cared about the rumor being true, rather they are grasping any straw going over the cliff which they can throw at Sony.

The industry that has been so hard on Sony this generation on the whole acknowledges Sony fared far better yesterday than did Microsoft. However some people are so devoted they are going to say and believe anything.

Case and point:

As publicly requested, words were marked.

2207d ago
tuglu_pati2207d ago

@ DK286K

i've been saying the same, but i get flame every time.

BIGBOSS082207d ago

microsoft ended their conference with call of duty! nothings worse than that! lol

EVILDEAD3602207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

@Evil - You sir are delusional. If only you didn't had that blatant "360" at the end of your name, I think I wouldn't term you a "360 fanboy".

So let me get this straight..I'm 'delusional' because I said that in MY opinion Micrsoft had a better conference than Sony?

GTFOH..I at least back up my opinions. Take off the fan goggles and back up yours. If not keep it moving.

@ DK

I've been saying the same thing. Sony did show a couple of cool games, but the actual games that meant something didn't have release dates. Naughty has been upfront from day one that the game might not make it this year. But then what does that actually leave for the holiday season?


TotalHitman2206d ago

Lol, you can't be serious? Although, Sony didn't have the best conference they've ever had, it was surely better than Microsoft's. All we got from Microsoft was crappy Xbox apps, more Fable, more GOW, more Forza and more Halo. At least Sony made an effort with some new IP's.

This is coming from a neutral standpoint. I don't think anybody won E3 this year unless you include Ubisoft.

ShinMaster2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

They ALL dropped the ball somehow.

At least Sony had games.

MrBeatdown2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I see DK and Evil have the Microsoft goggles on again.

Halo 4 - second E3 appearance
Fable: The Journey - second E3 appearance
Ryse - had it's second E3 appearance last year
Gears of War 3 - announced early 2010, released fall 2011
Fable 3 - announced August 2009, released October 2010
Halo Reach - announced at E3 2009, released in fall of 2010
Star Wars Kinect - announced at E3 2010, released a few months ago

That's the bulk of MS's major releases, and almost all of them had two E3 appearances.

Of course, you guys spin it to sound like Sony is the only one that does it. The only two games you mentioned were Beyond and Last of Us.

Funny that you ignore PS Allstars, Ascension, LBP Karting, all of which were announced in the past few months and releasing this year, but could have just as easily been announced at E3. Or two years ago when Socom, MotorStorm, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, and LittleBigPlanet 2 were all announced in the few months prior to E3. Or Uncharted 2 and 3, which were announced under a year before their release.

Yeah, Sony probably does show more games at E3 that are further off than Microsoft does. Probably due to the fact that Sony offers more games, period, and spreads their other announcements out throughout the year. Sony doesn't need to hold back all their announcements to pad their E3 showing.

EVILDEAD3602205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

'I see DK and Evil have the Microsoft goggles on again.'

LMAO @ Beatkiddie that was sooo original after I used it as an earlier that all you got? See not only are you STILL wearing the Sony goggles, but now it's apparant you graduated to the entire helmet and visor. But came in here and started it

Let me school you on E3 appearances..

There is a difference between making an TRUE appearance on the E3 stage and merely showing a slide that shows the title of your game or a quck teaser that simply gets the announcement out there.

Halo 4 had a quick teaser last year with the announcement of Holiday 2012..guess when it going to be released. as advertised.

Fable: The Journey got a demo last year on the E3 stage and Micrsoft just simply showed the trailer and it will release this summer

Ryse was originally Codename: Kingdoms an announcement..then it got a teaser trailer announcing the new name..then it was announced that it would skip this gen entirely.

Gears made the stage twice because it got pushed back from it's original slot to the Halo September slot.

Etc Etc ETc..

BUT the TRUTH about EVERY one of those years..those games were NOT the big game Micrsoft was pushing for THAT particular year.

Micrsoft has almost perfectly executed it's huge releases and promotion of them at every single E3.

The only game that got killed was Alan Wake getting killed by Red Dead deciding to change it's date to match Alan.It ended up still doing a million plus.

This year it is a FACT, that Beyond, God of War, and Last of Us got some primo stage time at the show..All great games ..but NONE will be coming this year.

If you REALLY want to hype the fact that Super Smash Sony or the Little Big Karting game are coming instead then missed the point entirely.

See what is amazing is that those two games are casual games no matter how you slice it. But, NOW it's ok to say that it's oool to release casual games after non-stop hardcore hardcore hardcore is all that was heard from the rafters of the MS haters.

This post E3 is classic..


MrBeatdown2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Classic EVILDEAD damage control.

Only you would need to make up rules about what qualifies as a "TRUE" E3 showing and treat it as if it's fact. Just mindblowing. Only you would find a way to knock Sony on the basis that when they show games, they actually SHOW THE GAME.

By the way, I love the "beatkiddie" thing. When it comes to wild spin and childish, immature name calling, you never fail to disappoint.

EVILDEAD3602205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

@ Beatup

'Only you would need to make up rules about what qualifies as a "TRUE" E3 showing and treat it as if it's fact'

LMFAO @ your fan helmet screwed on so tight that you can't dispute ONE point I made as not being FACT so you resorts to calling it 'damage control'? LOL

Wheres the damage? You jumped in the convo tried to call names because you predictably were so b-hurt as usual at ANYONE daring to say ANYTHING that isn't negative spin like yourself.

But when someone direct that same negative right energy back at you and shows a counterargument you can't even come up with ONE point to back up your originl claims.

Same ol' keep jumping up to get Mr. Beatdown again and again.

Now that is Classic..

I gotta stop having too much fun poking holes into this lame console elitism from the usual suspects. Thank god REAL fans of consoles arent like this offline..


MrBeatdown2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

More childish names. Sad.

Are you even capable or carrying on an adult conversation without resorting to name calling even grade schoolers would find lame?

I don't need to dispute your little excuse arguments individually Evil. As I said, you made up your own little rules, and each one of them is irrelevant because only you want to play by those rules. Publishers don't. Gaming media don't. Gamers don't. Well, at least the logical ones.

When a game is revealed, it's because the publisher wants us to know about it. They want us to anticipate it and ask about it. If they want us to care, it counts.

But no. You act as if major announcements are non-existent, because they are revealed with a crappy teaser, or even worse, are revealed without a name attached. Like I said, only you would spin a substantial reveal as a negative. Because without those rules you've conveniently invented for yourself, you have to play by rules that the rest of the planet plays by, and you don't want that because you're desperate to find one more way to prop up Microsoft.

EVILDEAD3602204d ago

'More childish names. Sad.

Are you even capable or carrying on an adult conversation without resorting to name calling even grade schoolers would find lame?'

So let's keep it 100% real..people with eyes can see

As usual I'm minding my business when Mr. Beatdown comes @ me with...

'I see DK and Evil have the Microsoft goggles on again'

Then when you responmd to his attack he comes with..

'Classic EVILDEAD damage control.'

But, if you simply tease his lameness he the cries wolf on N4G to try to iply he's sooo insulted..but ignores thst FACT that he always starts it.

'Are you even capable or carrying on an adult conversation without resorting to name calling'

LOL..look my original point stands, I could care less what this lamde thinks. He will go on and on and spin negative but when you respond he puts his thumb in his mouth and literally tries to claim you are doing exactlty what HE'S been doing from day one.

Nuff said point original point still stands


MrBeatdown2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

You're posting in a public forum Evil, and more importantly, in response to the comments of others. Or was it too difficult to comprehend the meaning behind the "REPLY" button you clicked when posting all six of your comments? Of course you spin it to make it sound as if you're "minding your own business". More BS from you designed to warp reality. If it was your own business and you weren't putting it out there for everyone to see and comment on, you wouldn't be posting it, let alone directing it at the people you replied to.

It's amazing what nonsense you come up with.

And don't get me wrong. I'm definitely not insulted by such zingers as "beatkiddie" and "fan girl" that you've thrown out there. I find it more amusing, and indicitive of what kind of person it is I'm talking to. Name calling speaks volumes about a person's maturity.

It's also quite ironic that here you are saying "your original point stands" yet you were the one telling me I couldn't dispute what you replied to me with, even though I did.

You've invented rules to play by, because the logical, reality-based approach the rest of the gaming world takes doesn't give you the opportunity to sing your praises for Microsoft.

It's also kind of funny that thus far, I've listed nine games that Sony will or have released in under a year from release, in addition to seven recent MS games that were announced over a year ahead of time. Both lists represent the majority of Sony and MS's releases in the past two years or so. In two ways, I presented factual evidence the proves both you and DK wrong and even portrays the opposite of what you and DK suggest.

The best you could do in response was make up excuses about what qualifies as being shown to prop up MS. Like I said, only you could twist and warp the showing of actual game footage and an abundance of details surrounding each game into a negative that counts again Sony, while treating the announcement of a game but being unable to provide any information, footage, or in some cases, even a name, as a positive.

Ironically, you accuse ME of spinning things into a negative, but all I pointed out was that both companies do it. Only you would percieve being on par with Sony as a negative.

Of course, I wouldn't ever expect you to budge from your ridiculous stance. You never do because you're out to either fool the people reading your comments, or fool yourself. I'm not sure which, but it's pretty depressing either way.

tacosRcool2203d ago

I don't know what you are talking about. They have a great lineup for this year and next year.

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BlmThug2207d ago

I think both MS and Sony are signifying the end of this gen with not much being announced. Next E3 is pretty much confirmed atleast one Next gen console will be unveiled

X-Alchemist2207d ago

Sony's was wasn't great or spectacular in any way.

Microsoft's completely sucked (Trey Parker and Matt were hilarious though)and Ubisoft's conference was actually above average.

Hopefully Nintendo can reveal a decent line up of games for Wiiu, it's down to their show today on whether or not ill purchase their console

oricon2207d ago

It was disappointing was hoping they would reveal couple of new games besides just beyond, still was way better than Microsoft, the major low point of the show was they dragged on too much on the story book games.

Lazy_Sunday2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

They waited until the last minute on next generation hardware. That's mind-numbingly dumb. They're not going to get the up on 360 if they're going head to head next year. I knew they weren't going to announce anything spectacular and play it safe--the fact that they followed through on that shows me Sony doesn't care enough to keep it's brand afloat and take the first step.

Without the jump on Microsoft, you think people in the US are really going to take a risk like Sony over Microsoft especially after the network fiasco that happened last year? Not unless they can make up for it--and they're not even doing that. Loyal fanboy or not, you've got to be an idiot to disagree. We're late into next gen, devs have been gnawing at the two giants to move up and they're just playing it safe. I don't care if Sony's had a big falling out with the tsunami, 24FPS is not okay for new $60 games. Remember when we were saying CoD:Black Ops was "visceral 60FPS?" That was 40-59FPS. Well, this is "visceral 30FPS;" or 20-30FPS. From Crysis 2 to Skyrim, The Last of Us, FarCry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, and the list continues! The hardware is simply not good enough for the games.

xtremeimport2206d ago

they showed games. good games.
they could've shown only The Last of Us and then ended the show saying "come at me bro" and I would've been happy.

now the more important part, who is that girl in that ign video?

pain777pas2206d ago

Here is the thing. We have Playstation all stars, Gravity Rush, MGS Collection, LBP Vita, Sly, Assasins and COD (oh well my first COD purchase). The line up is not that bad. AC Liberation is the stand out because any AC game After AC2 gameplay wise minus mini games is phenomenal. I think that Gravity Rush is our Precursor legacy for the Vita and that we should all show support for this type of game. AC is the Zelda of the bunch and LBP is the Mario. The Vita should be just fine and there is a PS Direct from Japan either later this week or next week so we should relax. Ragnarok is coming too.

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Lord_Sloth2207d ago

I was mostly upset that I didn't see Monster Hunter.

As for their Vita playing with the PS3, everybody seemed fine when Nintendo made a tablet for their system. Why is it okay for Nintendo but stupid or silly for Sony?

Ethereal2207d ago

That's an announcement for TGS. Sony knows that it INSANELY popular in japan and they sell millions if it came to the vita. It will happen.

mike1up2207d ago

Probably because they only showed 2 games coming out for the Vita. Imo Sony seemed more interested in investing in the new Wonder Book than supporting it's struggling handheld.

Lord_Sloth2207d ago

Who says the Vita's the only option? The 1st 2 MH games launched on the PS2. I want it on consoles again. Sure, I'll take a Vita launch but a surprise PS3 launch would be epic.

alousow2207d ago

so far so gd. More good and hardcore exclusives than wii and xbox. All hardcore gamers know that sony already won E3.

xPhearR3dx2207d ago

Uhh no.


Gears of War: Judgement
Forza: Horizon
Halo 4
Ascend: New Gods


Beyond: Two Souls
The Last of Us
God of War: Ascension
PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale

They had pretty much the same amount aside from Kinect and casual crap. If anything, Ubisoft stole the show with Watch Dogs alone.

Pixel_Enemy2207d ago

LBP karting, AC3 liberation, COD vita

xPhearR3dx2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )


Wreckateer, Matter, Mark of the Ninja, Lococycle, Happy Wars, Dance Central 3.

Your point? Both conferences sucked.

@Virtual_Reality - Really? Another crappy FPS, oh boy.

Virtual_Reality2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

DUST 514, which entirely puts any other ''competitive'' ; FPS on console to the corner.

''Your point? ''

That PS3 have more for the Core audience (not an opinion as you can see).