Award-Winning God of War® Franchise Sales Exceed 21 Million Units Worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today an epic milestone for the God of War® franchise – the award-winning series has now surpassed 21 million units* sold as of May 30, 2012. This outstanding sales figure was achieved in just seven years after the series made its debut on the PlayStation®2 in 2005 with the first title released in the franchise, God of War.

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roadkillers2210d ago

Thats across eight games if you count the mobile version. I'm proud to say that I contributed to 5/8.

BiggCMan2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

21 million is an astounding number, but when you do look at it like, that's out of 8 games...My own reaction is more along the lines of "The hell is wrong with people, that number should be triple that for such an amazing series!" Ughhh, I just don't understand.

Also, proud to say I have contributed to 5 of those games, with Ascension being my 6th in the future. I also counted, I only see 7 games in the series, am I missing one? I see 1, 2, 3. The 2 PSP games which brings it to 5, and then Betrayal (mobile game), and Ascension. Is there an 8th i'm not aware of?

xPhearR3dx2210d ago

Some people just can't stand hack and slash games.

nolifeking2210d ago

considering the genre, I would say that's quite the feat.

decrypt2210d ago


Agreed, not everyone likes hack and slash. These days most people just are into shooters.

Personally i cant get enough of a competitive RTS ARPG like Dota. Hence yea everyone has different choices.

To me 1 hack and slash a year is pretty much fine, but sure some folks here probably want alot more.

roadkillers2209d ago

I added the collections, but didn't include Ascension since it's not part of the 21 million.

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Ezio20482210d ago

I am proud to contribute to all 8/8.....

telekineticmantis2210d ago

I wonder how the time control factors in.

gamerwiips3602210d ago

and its core Fans. Still remember the awe-inspiring God of War that launched in 2005!! Since then it became the Trademark of Sony along with GT... but Alas! Drake stole the charm from Kratos since Uncharted 2!

But nvm, Sony has 2 mothaf**ing titles (Kratos/Drake) that even a M$/Nintendo fanboys do admit.. that both of them wre Gem.

And yeah.. Im proud to contribute all 8/8. Infact I have the PSP versions as well as the PS3 version of the psp versions. Im f**king God of War!

NastyLeftHook02210d ago

it all started on ps2 when i asked about a game called god of war...this skater/punk employee told me

" totally got to check this out! you wont regret it! ill give you your money back if you dont like it, its that good.

and it was.

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