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Beyond: Two Souls Not Launching This Year, Coming Out in 2013

"With Beyond being pretty much the only actual new core game reveal out of Sony’s E3 press conference (Wonderbook, we don’t count you), we can’t wait to play David Cage’s next PS3 exclusive. Unfortunately, we’ll be in for a bit of a wait." - PSLS (Beyond: Two Souls, E3, PS3)

doctorstrange  +   1089d ago
Too long :(
Abash  +   1089d ago
Expected, I can wait though
Dee_91  +   1088d ago
Where did I read Q4 2012?
That game looked like heavy rain on ultra steroids.
The graphics,game play and story.
After heavy rain and the Kara demo im expecting to shed ONE tear playing this game ... ONE ... okay ima cry like a like a little b1tcsh
I know theres gonna be a tear jerker in the story. If most of you didnt get that..
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crxss  +   1089d ago
amazing things take time...

plus it's pretty rare for blockbuster games to be announced at E3 AND come out the same year... half the year is gone plus that means they'd be keeping it quite for an awfully long time during development.
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vortis  +   1089d ago
meh, I can wait
there are still games in 2012 that need to be played and obsessed over.
kc_chang  +   1089d ago
Wait what? Why? Well, maybe that's for the best. That way we still get another year of awesome games.
majiebeast  +   1089d ago
Ps3 swansong ps4 at the end of 2013 mark my words.
jonboi24  +   1089d ago
this game looks Beyond good. I'd wait for Infinite and Beyond just to get this game. Take you time and polish this game Beyond expectations. Oh and a shout out too podcast Beyond for calling this. If I haven't said this enough BEYOND!
decimalator  +   1089d ago
am I the only one that wasn't that impressed by it?
doctorstrange  +   1089d ago
tuglu_pati  +   1089d ago
i wasn't either. More like a movie than a game.
pwnmaster3000  +   1089d ago
It was a trailer -_-
Cmon really
BitbyDeath  +   1089d ago
"More like a movie than a game"

Too real?
tuglu_pati  +   1089d ago
As expected Sony show games which are releasing who knows when... Same thing happened with Guardian and FF XIII versus. I would not be surprise if it comes for the PS4.
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BattleAxe  +   1089d ago
Well at least Sony has games to show.
CGI-Quality  +   1089d ago
So they show a game that is releasing the following year and that now equates to "who knows when"? Man, I wonder if some of you actually think before typing with your keyboards.

Nevermind that God of War: Ascension got a solid release date, right? Nah, that be too much to admit.
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tuglu_pati  +   1089d ago
What games?

Beyond- movie no gameplay

Playstation All Stars Battle- really???

Two Multiplatforms (AC3, FarCry 3) AC 3 looked awesome, but still multi

GOW - Same old gamplay, with same graphics - might as well make it DLC

Last of Us - I think what they showed did not do the game justice, it did not have the wow factor ND is known for. (UC2 & 3 Showings for example)

and the rest cant even be called games. Same crap as the Kinect games.
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BitbyDeath  +   1088d ago
'Beyond- movie no gameplay'

You haven't played a QD game before have you?
There was gameplay it is just hard to tell cause the graphics are just that good.

'GOW - Same old gamplay, with same graphics'

Looked better than GOW3 to me, which is saying something since that is currently one of the best looking games available today.

'Last of Us - I think what they showed did not do the game justice, it did not have the wow factor ND is known for.'

It blew me away the interaction the characters were having like how an enemy noticed joel had a gun and called out to his mates about it. Or how everyone reacted during the hostage scene. Also at the end how the guy was about to beg for his life at the end of the trailer before being blown away, and how he got angry once his friend got torched. See it's not just about graphics, that is truly amazing AI at work. I would not have expected that until at least nextgen.
Boody-Bandit  +   1089d ago
tuglu_pati <- N4G moderators multi account troll.

First time this account was used in 429 days. WTF, do your job n ban multi account trolls like this one. 161 comments in an account over 3 years old.

Seriously tuglu, do you have no life at all? Grow up.
tuglu_pati  +   1089d ago
You want moderators to ban me because you dont like what im saying... You are the one who needs to do some growing up. If you dont like my opinion dont read it and if you think sSony had an spectacular showing this year then you are lost.

@ CGI-Quality (bottom)

I was replying to BattleAxe comment. I replied to you by mistake.
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pwnmaster3000  +   1089d ago
Dude this guy is anti Sony.
Just read his comment 429 days ago lol
tuglu_pati  +   1089d ago
@ pwnmaster3000

So tell me pwnmaster3000 how that comment from 429 days ago makes me anti Sony?

"i have both and i think Crisis 2 takes the cake. Killzone 2 & 3 are two much of a close corridor kind of games. none of them are the best in graphics either i think Uncharted 2 still hold that title."

i dont see any anti sony remarks in that comment.
CGI-Quality  +   1089d ago
So now the argument shifts from long release schedules to your opinion on the individual games themselves? Bottom line, Sony hasn't announced anything that's more than a year from release at this point. Since you moved away from that topic piece, I'm inclined to believe your argument was flimsy to begin with.

Edit: It appears you're an alt. No need to continue to debate.
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showtimefolks  +   1089d ago
ok so let's see this fall

sly 4
ratchet and clank hd collection
new ratcher and clank for psn
borderlands 2(150-200hrs will be spent)
spec ops the line
farcry 3

and i am sure i am forgetting few games

yes i don't buy any military fps

Sleeping Dogs which will be a gen for under rated game of the year

need for speed most wanted(may get it once its half price

so i rather have these games for 2013 anyway. and let's not forget GTA5 will launch in october 2012

last of us
tomb raider
hitman(which i believe will be delayed from 2012 to 2013)

so i rather have some of these games for 2013 anyway
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