Beyond: Two Souls Not Launching This Year, Coming Out in 2013

"With Beyond being pretty much the only actual new core game reveal out of Sony’s E3 press conference (Wonderbook, we don’t count you), we can’t wait to play David Cage’s next PS3 exclusive. Unfortunately, we’ll be in for a bit of a wait." - PSLS

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Abash2145d ago

Expected, I can wait though

Dee_912145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Where did I read Q4 2012?
That game looked like heavy rain on ultra steroids.
The graphics,game play and story.
After heavy rain and the Kara demo im expecting to shed ONE tear playing this game ... ONE ... okay ima cry like a like a little b1tcsh
I know theres gonna be a tear jerker in the story. If most of you didnt get that..

crxss2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

amazing things take time...

plus it's pretty rare for blockbuster games to be announced at E3 AND come out the same year... half the year is gone plus that means they'd be keeping it quite for an awfully long time during development.

vortis2145d ago

meh, I can wait
there are still games in 2012 that need to be played and obsessed over.

kc_chang2145d ago

Wait what? Why? Well, maybe that's for the best. That way we still get another year of awesome games.

majiebeast2145d ago

Ps3 swansong ps4 at the end of 2013 mark my words.

jonboi242145d ago

this game looks Beyond good. I'd wait for Infinite and Beyond just to get this game. Take you time and polish this game Beyond expectations. Oh and a shout out too podcast Beyond for calling this. If I haven't said this enough BEYOND!

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