GameInformer Conference Reaction: Microsoft Stays The Course

GameInformer writes:
"Once again, Microsoft hit the stage at E3 to tout new a host of new corporate partnerships for its Xbox Live service. However, those expecting talk of a new console will have to wait.

This is the first of our Conference Reaction columns -- we'll be publishing one for each of the major console manufacturers' press conferences. Keep it mind, this is our gut reaction based on watching the conference. So, we'll shoot from the hip and try to give you our best analysis as events unfold throughout the day."

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raytraceme2177d ago

"Forza has now become the world's preeminent realistic racer." *Cough* BULLS**T *Cough*

Lord_Sloth2177d ago

As painful as that damned Book thing Sony had out was, MS' conference showed the standard 3. Halo, Gears, and the multi platform CoD. The rest of the show was about sports, Usher, and using my phone as a TV remote when I still have a perfectly good TV remote...

Sony had 2 amazing looking new IPs, another decent looking IP, and a solid GoW title (which I've never cared for but they are solid games), as well upping the quality of PS+ to include FREE WHOLE GAMES!!!

Nintendo, it's now your move.

Veneno2177d ago

Exactly. I missed the Microsoft conference but I guessed it accurately a year ago. Halo, Gears, Forza.

CommonSense2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

You people crack me up. You love to cut down MS at any chance you get. You think smartglass is just a tv remote? you either didn't see the demonstrations, you have no imagination, or both.

i felt that both shows were rather lame. sony actually reminded me of MS from a couple years ago. where it was about backdoor deals and partnerships with third party developers to try to coax ppl into buying a multiplat game on their system. the only difference...when MS does it, it's evil. when sony does it, it's smart business.

the best press conference was Ubisofts. far.
Nintendo better have a whole lot of amazing looking games, cuz MS just showed everyone that 360 can be like the Wii U but with multi-touch hardware that you already own. was actually pretty brilliant.

I will say that Usher was one of the worst additions to an E3 conference that i've ever seen.

Lord_Sloth2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I have a tablet but see no need for it to pull up data that I'm not interested in. If I want to find it, I'm not so damn lazy that I need the thing to auto hunt, especially not while google exists. I don't see myself using my phone to control my 360 menu while my controller works, I don't like sports, and I look up my own information. The whole idea is useless to me.

I don't recall mentioning Sony's backdoor business nor Microsoft's. Also I do not have G4, and Ubisoft was not aired on Spike and I watched Sony's on my PS3.

ScubaSteve12177d ago

i wasnt paying attention to microsoft because of usher spent to much time singing and dancing

BattleAxe2177d ago

Usher is the reason why most people buy Xbox 360s, forget about the games, I want to see some singing and dancing. And I'm so sick and tired of my regular TV remote, thats why I'm glad the MS is bringing out the Looking Glass. Xbox owners are the best non-gaming gamers, and all others are noobs. why would I want to play The Last of Us when MS is coming out with Kinectimals 2? Oh, and Usher is the man you noobs, thats why MS had the bestest show at E3....all non-gaming marketing with little to no substance, just the way we 360 owners like......straight up the hoop!

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isntchrisl2177d ago

I never thought Ubisoft would beat a console-maker's keynote but they did. Especially Microsoft. They just seem to be on auto-pilot now.

Shang-Long2177d ago

As long as their ahead in concole sales, they Will be in auto pilot. My opinion

MySwordIsHeavenly2177d ago

The ONLY good part of Ubisoft's conference was Watch Dog. The good part of Assassin's Creed 3 was at the PS3 press conference.

Veneno2177d ago

I gettjng that white vita and AC3 liberation bundle.

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