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mighty_douche3615d ago



well i guess all the "this is waiting" comments look pretty f*cking stupid.... ah....

blusoops3615d ago

I guess I WILL be getting the Turok demo after all....and i only waited a few hours..LOL.

Maddens Raiders3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Complete Pwnage.

What else is new?

Ghoul3615d ago

Well if the Demo gets out today ill gettong to play it earlier then on the xbox
since i canceled my gold subscription i wasnt able to download the turok demo (tried again today)

anyone wanna buy my 360 ?

Rocko3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

None of that stuff is there.

EDIT: NOW its there for me.

Slayer OP3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

(disagreed because its there)

edit well im looking at it. Maybe its my region or something.

techie3615d ago

None of it's there yet, because it hasn't been updated. lol gawd.

Ghoul3615d ago

i know this phenomenon some see it while other have to wait,
it could be a problem with the servers since i doubt that sony is handling all traffic over one central server.

LJWooly3615d ago

Now that, my friend is absolute PWNAGE at it's finest.

18 agrees and not 1 single disagree, douche. Congrats.

InYourMom3615d ago

Still had it first and you had a wait 2 days!!!!

lol.. I'm kidding.. The article you referenced was submitted by your own fellow PS3 droid. So I guess you eat your own now too eh??

I also seem to remember nothing but "this demo will be lame and boring" from all the droids in that thread as well.. Now you are all excited for it??

You people own yourselves and you want to talk about owning all the "this is waiting" comments. Come on, PS3 gamers wait more than any other console.. I'm waiting too.. At least be honest with yourself. Oh wait, who am I kinding, that is not going to happen.

Yes, yes I know.. protect the circle of stupidity and the disagree button is the one on the left.

fightingILLINI3615d ago

the 2 new tracks are cool. if you have motor storm go ahead and get them.

GIJeff3614d ago

demo was lame and boring. Dinosaurs have sub-retarded AI.

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DrPirate3615d ago

Awesome work Deep, much appreciated I was looking everywhere for this.

jackdoe3615d ago

Wait... Doesn't this contradict that earlier news that the PS3 Turok demo would hit on Feb. 7th? Guess that news rumor is debunked.

blusoops3615d ago

can anyone tell me what "Tori Emaki" is?

techie3615d ago

PS Eye game with birds.

Staircase3615d ago

It's a game where you use the PSEye to move around a flock of birds in a Japanese art styled world. Thats about all i gathered from it, looks interesting though. Heres a trailer.

blusoops3615d ago

I appreciate the help! I remember now

Siesser3615d ago

I have 4 bucks sitting in my wallet, so I'm downloading it and Mesmerize: Trace

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Cusco3615d ago

Fingers crossed for Japanese PSN to get DMC4 demo. Turok Demo is definately sexy. Very sexy.

techie3615d ago

Japan has already been updated...DMC4 is on 31st :)

Anego Montoya FTMFW3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

but it is a good thing were getting the demo. lol.

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