Far Cry 3 Four Player Co-Op Revealed, Exclusive To PS3

During the E3 Sony conference, Ubisoft took to the stage to present 4-Player Co-op for Far Cry 3.


The Far Cry Co-Op feature is not a PS3 Exclusive, instead the PS3 will be getting exclusive DLC.

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DoomeDx2381d ago

I kinda hated the gameplay @ e#
Shadow pop in was horrible, and the AI was just standing there.
It looked very buggy.

Hopefully single player will be better

LOGICWINS2381d ago

Still PLENTY of time to polish the game up.

T9002380d ago

First they havent mentioned about coop play being exclusive.

Second even if it was exclusive, that is nothing to be proud about. Imo this gen has given the fans plenty of crap when it comes to exclusivity. Companies do it to rake in sales its obvious. However for the gamers its a lose lose situation.

Today Sony may get an exclusive, PC and Xbox gamers will miss out. Later one of the other 2 platforms may get an exclusvie and Sony gamers would lose out.

Imo Platform exclusives are fine, however exclusive game modes is simply retarded. Like i said its a lose lose situation for the gaming community in the end.

TekoIie2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )


You gotta understand that atm MS dominates the multiplat area based on sales. Business wise this is a smart move by sony since this will shift sales from the other platforms to the ps3 version... If its true of course.

Cyrisaurus2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Nobody ever cares about games being fun anymore.

"Shadow pop in was horrible"

That's your first thought? Yeah I guess that means the game sucks, probably shouldn't even bother trying it.

I'm honestly sick of everyone complaining about everything these days. Can't we just enjoy the things we have? Do you know how lucky you are to have the luxury of playing videogames at all?

I don't waste my time expressing my useless negative opinions about games I'm not interested in, because I know that nobody cares. I wish everyone would realize that nobody cares about negative opinions. You're either excited about a game, or you don't need to even be thinking about it, let alone talking about it.

InLaLaLand2380d ago

It's all about the graphics this gen to most people on this site.

decrypt2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

"I'm honestly sick of everyone complaining about everything these days."

So you are here complaining about people complaining :S good luck with that lol.


Naa it isnt, if it was they wouldnt be playing on 6 year old tech. Everyone would be on board PC then.

Its all about blind fanboism and bickering over which console version looks less blurry, yet to pick apart the differences you would need a lens.

DoomeDx2380d ago

Where the fuck did i say that all i care about is graphics?

And yeah my first thought was the shadow pop up because it was THAT horrible, that i annoyed me. while i normally dont care about graphics at all.

But pop ins can be annoying

SPAM-FRITTER-1232380d ago

since when did this become exclusive.

i know there is exclusive DLC but 4 player co-op is for everyone

not that i want co-op.

geddesmond2380d ago

Man companies need to stop this exclusive DLC crap for Multiplat games. I'm a PS3 only guy and I know what its like buying a game that doesn't get everything. The gaming industry is BS.

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Nothing new, just an everyday Four player co op first person shooter.

TLG19912380d ago

still gana buy for my pc

killswitchmad2380d ago

I don't remember there being any mention of the co-op being exclusive to PS3? All I head was that this and Assassin's Creed III would be getting PS3 exclusive DLC?

dragon_rocks2380d ago

This. I have no idea what is the title saying about being PS3 exclusive as the article itself does not mention anything about it. Misleading title?

Yardie2380d ago

Yeah, i don't think they said that it was exclusive to ps3, just shown exclusively at the Sony conference.

Spydiggity2380d ago

same. and i can't imagine ubisoft being dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot like that.

also ppl need to be careful about their interpretation of the word "exclusive" during the E3 press conferences. more often than not they just mean timed exclusive, but that doesn't sound as good when trying to grab attention and headlines.

Summons752380d ago

yeah same with the Assassin's Creed of the Caribbean gameplay, I don't remember them saying exclusive for the ps3 at any time.

BTW is anyone else a little ticked they didn't talk about the map editor for FC3 at all?

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Zha1tan2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Im only interested in the singleplayer, it is the real meat of this game.

co-op looks underwhelming and the MP is COD in the jungle.

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