Microsoft Presentation E3 2012: Too predictable? Amazing content, but no surprises?


"The Demo ended and the audience lost their shit. Pretty standard E3 fare thus far.

The question is, while this looked amazing, were there any big surprises to come? As it turns out, no.
But lots more amazing footage, mixed with some that was just a bit underwhelming."

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NYC_Gamer2182d ago

I didn't find anything amazing about the app based conference

gaminoz2182d ago

I think the Wii U's point of difference has been reduced with the whole Xbox Smart Glass thing. Sure no Mario, but...

Tomb Raider and Halo looked amazing! But nothing 'surprising'

BadCircuit2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Agree about Tomb Raider and Halo 4, but Call of Duty looked like more 'blockbuster' explosive set pieces with a bit of choice in the 'sniper' or 'rappel' instead of someone constantly yelling "get moving"!

I like that the gameplay video is included here too

fei-hung2182d ago

However, I think MS fans got exactly what they wanted; another Halo, Gears, FOrza and Fable.

Isn't this pretty much what MS fans buy their system for?

If they wanted more games announced, they would be favouring Sony's console as this is always where the variety of games has been.

ufo8mycat2182d ago

The problem with MS fans is they won't budge no matter how awful the system is and how superior the PS3 is.

Pretty loyal, but also pretty stupid :P

BadCircuit2182d ago

Why The F have a stupid dancer in the middle of it? Padding.

The Nike thing was a bit focused to be very exciting. I mean I don't care about the 'athlete' in me.

zeal0us2182d ago

I muted the TV. I thought at least they would have Usher playing the game or something. I'm not watching E3 to see someone dance.

BadCircuit2182d ago

Too right mate! I was up at 2am to watch it!

DeusExer2182d ago

Am I the only one who isn't excited about a new GoW?

REALgamer2182d ago

Considering they showed a teaser about 30 seconds long, two-thirds of which was black screens then no, I don't think you're alone.

Seems too early for it to have been announced if they didn't really have anything to show yet.

wumster2182d ago

It was a horrid presentation, and no you are not the only one.

REALgamer2182d ago

I get the impression this is the filler year before the next Xbox in 2013, as both the Forza and Gears on show are made by secondary teams.

There was nothing from Rare, Turn 10 or the core Epic team, and only Fable: The Journey from Lionhead. I'm guessing they're all hard at work on their launch games for the next gen.

Kind of makes it a bit underwhelming this year. MS has one platform to show off and it's winding down ready for the next gen, while Sony and Nintendo both have current handhelds and Nintendo also has the Wii U to promote.

Seems like they'll have the conferences to watch for this year.

gaminoz2182d ago

Where the heck is Ryse?

ShinraE52182d ago

I was underwhelmed but it wasn't abysmmal.

Gears and Halo both look great (even if we knew about them already). I am a fan of XBLA and think Gods Ascend could work (its a strategy game from what I have read even if it looks GoWish due to the trailer) and its nice to see them try to make good games for the Kinect.

A new Alan Wake, Killer Instinct, or Perfect Dark would have been cool to see.

I_am_Batman2182d ago

I thought Gods Ascend looked more elder scrolls like than GoWish.

BadCircuit2182d ago

Or gasp....some new big IPs?

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The story is too old to be commented.