Crysis Trailer 3 presentation of the game at E3

Take the role of 'Prophet': back to New York, discovered that the city was sealed under a nanocupola created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. Inside the Liberty Dome, were born seven wonders: a set of seven city districts, and extremely dangerous. To face this new world you will need advanced weapons and tactics. To become the most feared hunter of the planet, Prophet can count on a deadly composite bow, a nanotuta enhanced and devastating alien technology. To be released in 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation ® 3 and PC.

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tachy0n2118d ago

the best looking game of all time.

thank you nvidia for developing that new anti aliasing!!

OpenGL2118d ago

Yeah, TXAA is pretty neat. I also hope Nvidia and AMD both decide to implement SMAA in their drivers, and developers start taking advantage of it as well.

Tyre2118d ago

Looking incredible! period. F the haters.

MasterD9192118d ago

Looks great. It's coming out much sooner than I expected too.

Eyesoftheraven2118d ago

Looks way better than I could have imagined and I had high confidence in them this time around! Glad I bought my 7970!

Tachyon_Nova2118d ago

So much for those who said it looked like a Crysis 2 mod... That looks flipping sensational.

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