E3 2012: NBA Live 13 first screens and fact sheet revealed

Electronic Arts have revealed the first screenshots, along with a fact sheet, for their upcoming multiplatform title, NBA Live 13.

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NYC_Gamer2151d ago

EA must be scared of 2K since they skipped out on Live 13 gameplay

Outsider-G2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Was thinking the same thing. You can expect some 2K13 game play at 10PM EST over at Spike. OKC Vs Spurs and All-star Weekend game play.

Rainstorm812151d ago

i was thinking the same, NBA Live is having this big return and they didnt even have a trailer during the presser...... Yea i think they acknowledge the NBA kings

black9112151d ago

It might be at 2k13 or live 13 will be at Sonys Conference.

starcb262151d ago

Why do they're player models always look like they're made of plastic or wax?

OpenGL2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Current gen consoles aren't really powerful enough for the kind of high quality shading needed to accurately portray skin while still handling all of the other rendering required.

Could they make a more realistic looking Lebron if they tried? Sure, but they'd have to remove detail elsewhere.

This demo was released back with the 8800GTX and showed off some pretty realistic skin, but the demo only managed 30-40fps rendering just the head on a GPU that was much faster than what's in the PS3 and 360.


Krugsy2151d ago

I just find it incredibly strange that EA didn't even offer a mention of it at their conference.

For a game that has been in hiatus for several years, you would think that EA would want to really publicise it's return. It's up against a franchise that is both critically and commercially successful, so EA would have been wise to use every opportunity to put it out there in the public sphere.

Who knows, it may pop up in another conference.

Drazz2151d ago

Im glad live is back, 2k needs the competition, before it gets stale.