Nintendo Planning Larger 3DS, Wii U Price Expected at 30,000 Yen -- Nikkei

New console rumoured to set gamers back 30,000 yen / $383

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CoolBeansRus2114d ago

That's a pretty good price for a brand new system. Let's see how much it will be in the U.S.A

Lucretia2114d ago

400 is expensive for a console that should have come out 6 years ago.

i will wait 2-3 years for a price drop....tho ps4 and 720 will be out by then sooooo idk

ABizzel12114d ago

Generally speaking, and if this rumor is true, a $30,000 price in "yen" transfers to the US to be $300, not $383 (even though the yen holds greater value than the dollar)

So if true the Wii U should cost $299 which is a good price.

Anon19742114d ago

Ouch! The thing that set the Wii apart was it's $250 price tag when everyone else was $400-$600. Now we're looking at nearly $400 when you can pick up a PS3 for $250 (probably less by the time the Wii-U is launched) or a 360 for $200?
Kiss your casual audience goodbye, Nintendo. The Wii-U will never touch Wii numbers at that price, especially with millions of Wii's still sitting collecting dust in entertainment consoles.
This is shaping up to be a disaster. I've always been a fan of Nintendo, and I hope I'm wrong, but I'm guessing Nintendo's investors aren't going to be too happy after their press conference if this is the case.

dark-hollow2114d ago

so you want it a weaker than current-gen consoles POS????

no thanks, the casuals can jump in two years after a price cut.

Khordchange2114d ago

the wii was selling at 1000 at ebay when it was sold in 2007-2008. and in 2009-2012 microsoft matched their price with the 360. No it wasn't the price

miyamoto2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I have said it before and got bashed to smithereens

Nintendo is a traditional Japanese company and so predictable because they will always stick to the plan to the bitter end.

At first glance at the 3DS' single analog slider I knew it just wont be enough for the kind of games its intended for.

If Nintendo wanted the PSP market they should have made the 3DS better by putting two analog sliders in the first place.

It failed with that & even failed miserably with the arrogant $250 price tag.

The Circle Pad Pro frankenstein disaster proved this

Unless you are a collector, any logical thinking budget conscious gamer knows that, to correct this mistake, a redesigned 3DS must be on the way.

A Nintendo 3DSiXL if you will.

A bigger screen, (though I was hoping for a 5") dual analog sliders, slimmer and lighter form factor, cheaper components at $150 if true then you have yourself a better deal.

For the PS Vita its the opposite.

The next iteration may be less expensive BUT!!!!....many analysts predict that Sony might strip down the PSV of features just like the PSP E1000 & redesigned PS3!

So trust your judgement.

I am still waiting for the HD Wireless Mirroring, fully functioning Remote Play.

Finally an HD Mario or Zelda are really great prospects but I just hope Wii U sells at $250 here in NA to compete with PS360.

gamerben2114d ago

no xbox console announced, and probably no PS4 either.

I think nintendo is safe :P

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attilayavuzer2114d ago

I call bs. I'm predicting $382.99

Elimin82114d ago

That is correct although my conversion shows $382.78..... but that's about right

ExCest2114d ago

Not really. Stuff in Japan is always more expensive than stuff here (America/Europe w/e)

WooHooAlex2114d ago

Hoping they will stay under the $350 mark. If they can, I'll definitely think about buying one around launch.

If not I'll probably wait for a nice bundle to come around.

joydestroy2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

yep at $350, i'm in!

SilverSlug2114d ago

I won't pay for it. Sorry, looks terrible.

WooHooAlex2114d ago

Not even gonna wait until their press conference tomorrow to form an opinion?

joydestroy2114d ago

Mario and Zelda in 1080p HD goodness? how could you not want that???

Lucretia2114d ago

good move silverslug, Im with you,

nintendo has dissapointed me since the n64, always a lack of 3rd party games and the only thing they are consistent with is being the last one in a console gen to have their product out and the first to remove it.

5 years is too short, they didnt even give the normal wii a chance for devs to get used to the controls, they trashed it instantly after the cash cow was milked dry

ChickeyCantor2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"5 years is too short, they didnt even give the normal wii a chance for devs to get used to the controls, they trashed it instantly after the cash cow was milked dry"

Here is something on moore's law:
"Moore's law is a rule of thumb in the history of computing hardware whereby the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years."

5 year is a lot for game technology to grow.
5 years isn't short at all.
6 years sure, but going beyond is dumb. I rather see the industry fiddle with new hardware. ( And in Nintendos case it was the controller, but third party developers didn't really make good use of it. With some exceptions )

Developers had enough time, they just didn't care.

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dark-hollow2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

any next gen console that will go with $450+ is just pure suicide especially in todays economy.

$350 is the sweet spot for me, with a possible $300 SKU without HDDs, etc.

ScubaSteve12114d ago

heck i still regret paying 600 bucks for my ps3 back in 2007, now in todays economy and college payments. it needs to be at a right price

WildStyles2114d ago

Cosign. The price is going to be a huge determining factor. A console at 350 or 400 won't make the same effect as a console launching at 250 like the Wii did. Very interesting to see how things play out.

DwightOwen2114d ago

And THIS is PRECISELY why we don't have next-gen consoles with next-gen graphics.

Do you REALLY THINK that you're going to be able to purchase a console that can play Samaritan at 1920x1080 resolution @60FPS for anything less than $800.00 within the next decade??

Looks like the Wii U will be the dominant console for the next ten years. Nobody here wants to ACTUALLY PAY for the "next-gen" experience.

NastyLeftHook02114d ago

bring a new hardcore zelda to the 3ds!

slimy the g8ter2114d ago

i knew it would be $400. i think im changing to a wait and see for the launch titles

slimy the g8ter2114d ago

diagrees? cant stand for someone not to have a hard on for your new system nintendo fanboys?

ronin4life2114d ago

I think it is your assessment based on a rumor that is leading to the disagrees.

A rumor Nintendo has publicly flat out denied. Something they don't usually do with rumor or speculation.

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