38 Studios: Curt Schilling Got Screwed Too

LoreHound writes: "The situation at 38 Studios is obviously terrible. Bad for the video game industry, bad for the MMOG genre and (likely) bad for the taxpayers of Rhode Island. The saga is far from over, yet most outlets – even an article on LoreHound – have placed most of the blame on Curt Schilling, the former Red Sox pitcher. To be frank, it’s unfair.

For starters, the man knew his role. He didn’t think he’d be the game designer, producer or programmer. To this point, 38 Studios was filled with highly-experienced and successful people at the upper management levels and experienced creators at lower levels. He began the company because he’s a fan of the lush worlds, storytelling and gameplay that MMOGs offer. Essentially, he did what most gamers would do with a large quantity of disposable income, try to fund the creation of the experience of their dreams."

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NYC_Gamer1960d ago

Schilling was in charge and his bad choices ruined everything for the whole studio

iTZKooPA1960d ago

He wasn't in charge. He was a chairman and founder, not the CEO or producer. In addition, the employees that have talked have largely said the opposite.

wagnus1960d ago

I agree, very easy to put the blame behind celebrities.

sypher1960d ago

This is what happens when the government gets into bed with business. Just doesnt work, the venture may of never got off the ground without the Governments handout. And thats the way things are meant to be.

The economy blatantly showed that the project is not viable so money shouldnt of been invested into it. Any money poured into business ventures should always, always come from private sources.

Government should not be in business with anyone. End of.

Nodoze1960d ago

VERY well said +

One needs to look at Government Motors as another example. GM should be renamed to China Motors as they are now working to outsource a vast majority of engineering jobs guessed it..CHINA.

Chevy is no longer apple pie, baseball, and Americana it is Chinese.

Look at the Govt funding of green energy..companies like Solyndra. 500 million dollars of our tax money down the drain.

The govt cannot be trusted, and should NEVER mix with private business.

DarthJay1960d ago

The article talks about how he made around "100 million" during his playing days, but that's before taxes. Taxes probably ate at least 30 mil of that, if not more. So for him to have sank a reported 50 million or so of his own money in the company... clearly he risked a lot to make this happen.

It's a shame all the way around.

1960d ago
Captain Qwark 91959d ago

agreed. idk how people can place the blame on him when he lost more than anyone throughout the whole deal. thats a lot of money, more than ill ever even come close to making. and for that matter, at the very least, he provided jobs for those people for years