Microsoft Gives No Hint at a New Console During E3 Keynote, Focuses on 'Smart Glass' Instead

Microsoft‘s 2012 E3 keynote just ended, and the first thing that’s quite obvious is that they made good on their word: they didn’t even mention the idea of a new console, much less pull a surprise and premiere one.

Rather, the focus was on a mix of hardcore and Kinect titles, with the one bit of new technology showcased something to very obviously meant to compete with the WiiU. “SmartGlass” is what they’re calling it, and it allows your smartphone or tablet to be turned into a periphery device for the Xbox during movies, TV shows and most notably games.

Demos showed a tablet being used to run plays during Madden or perform extra in-game functions during Halo 4. The very apparent connection is that the inlaid screen of the WiiU controller allows for similar functionality, but on closer examination, is this really a competitor?

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dangert122236d ago

Why would they? they was to busy trying to tempt you into buying kinect, android and apple devices as well as multiplat dlc and some tv

ardivt2236d ago

next xbox with UE4 from the start for me pls

firefoxprime2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Smartglass? That was announced last year.

Its called the WiiU. I'd grill MS for the (knock off?) BUT....that Nintendo WiiU gamepad looks awefully familiar :P

JellyJelly2236d ago

"Its called the WiiU."

No. If I could use a Wii-U for SmartGlass it would be the same thing. That's the beauty of it. I can use my Samsung android phone for it. Not having to buy a Vita or Wii-U to use it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2236d ago

I was really expecting to see a new Xbox. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for a new PlayStation now. :(

solidjun52236d ago

better wait next year friend. I had this feeling it wasn't going to happen. Then again, I'm not mad the new generation hasn't started yet. I'm still enjoying this one. But that's just me.

La-meditron2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

no new xbox console till 2014!!!

the 360 will be 8 years old!!

congrats ms!!

Tyre2236d ago

That's BS, Dev kits are already out and Epic IS showing the Unreal Engine 4(Nextgen only)this E3...that means that the games for the nextgen are already in development. Next E3 will be the announcment and launch will be the before holiday season of 2013. Just like the launch of the Xbox360 in 2005:Announcement on E3 & the launch before the holidays.

La-meditron2236d ago

2013? too soon 360's line up comes out at that time, and dev kits aren't even material; all pc parts that are subject to change. we can't even get solid info on the specs.

you don't even know what specs are.

this is how it goes in order,

1. 2012- an announcement of the last of 360's lineup.

2. 2013- the last of the games get new trailers followed by the "hitting shelves next month" labels. then, an announcement of the next console.

3. 2014 the console hit mass production and makes a Holiday debut.

if ms didn't even say they were even thinking about a new console you can expect it's going to be a while.

GUNS N SWORDS2236d ago

Microsoft wouldn't announce a new console and have it ship a few months later the same year. It takes time for console production and games to be produced on the console.

The new Unreal based engine is made on pc technology that is xbox unrelated. the tech demos of the engine are running on a Geforce GTX 660, NO CPU taken into account, Google it.

dark-hollow2236d ago

i gotta give them some credit, their ecosystem now looks stronger than ever.
the browser looked very sleek and clean UI, now having my iPhone or iPad being the touch interface for web browsing as well as other functions is just great!

they didnt deliver anything groundbreaking on the games side this show, but their software and the integeration and the whole ecosystem that MS made is second to none.

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guitarse2236d ago

Other than the first couple of videos the whole thing was a whopping let down in my opinion.

Pixel_Enemy2236d ago

They had all kinds of games.. Like Dance Central 3 and COD BLOPS2 and..

360GamerFG2236d ago

CycleLoco, Halo 4, Gears Judgement, Forza Horizon, Ascend New Gods and Matter.

2236d ago
GuyManDude2236d ago

Agreed. Where the heck was Rare? They haven't done much of anything this gen and it's well beyond ridiculous at this point.

guitarse2236d ago

Rare made a policy change and is now predominantly a Kinect orientated company.

barb_wire2236d ago

Smart Glass is their 'new' console for now.. did they mention how much that thing cost?

MacUser19862236d ago

It's not a thing it's a technology that will be integrated into the Xbox 360, Window's 8 tablets and Window's Mobile devices.

Hdz542236d ago

It's not limited to Microsoft platform. The app will be available on iOS and Android as well.

Anon19742236d ago

So no mention of how much they're charging for it then.

cemelc2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Will this work on android devices or ipads?

Tyre2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

@barb_wire Not a new console...The Smart Glass is just to steal the heat from Nintendo's WiiU until the next Xbox will be launched.

Pillville2236d ago

"Smart Glass" is not a new device, it's just an App that you will download from iTunes/Android/Windows App Stores.

It will let your phone/tablet function like a remote control. DirecTV kind of has the same thing.

MacUser19862236d ago

Did this surprise anyone? The current generation of console (excluding Wii) have a ton of life left in them. If Microsoft didn't feel the same way they would not be releasing all these new features on Xbox 360 but wait until the next console.

Lulz_Boat2236d ago

smart glass isn't an hardware thing.
it's an app, that work with phones and tablet with iOS and Android OS.

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