Nintendo to unveil new, larger 3DS - report

We're just one day away from Nintendo's E3 conference and a report from Nikkei is suggesting that the company is planning a new, larger 3DS for release as soon as this summer.

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mike1up2119d ago


I wouldn't be surprised if we saw 2 circle pads.

user54670072119d ago

Please Nintendo let this be true...

I've been hanging off for a 3DS for ages now and I said to myself I would wait untill E3 to see what happens

If they don't announce a new version I'll buy one if they do then I'll know that I've done the right thing waiting...time well spent

firefoxprime2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Maybe? All I know is they're first conference is primarily Wii U focused.

darthv722119d ago

would be nice if the unit incorporates a 2nd circle pad. I honestly can see them redesigning the existing form to include that. Looking at a 3ds you can see there is room for a 2nd pad.

IF and this is just an "if" they did that then there definitely would be some wii-u controller interfacing going on. People who have a 3ds with the circle pad add-on as well as those who get a new design unit would be able to use it as a controller for the wii-u.

Problem solved about more than one tablet supported for wii-u.

Lucretia2119d ago

and Didnt i say i told you so. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

oh man. so glad i held out, a week before i got a 3ds i saw the article for the dual analog release.

then figured they would re release the 3ds.

from what my brother owns i didnt miss anything but resident evil and soon kingdom hearts so im fine.

wud be glad if the 3ds got bigger and had 2 analogs

mike1up2119d ago

Actually yea, I think that you were one of the folks who predicted this a while ago. Fair enough, when you're right, you're right. Good call.

For the time being, however, it's just a rumor. Although, I definitely wouldn't mind this one being true.

WildStyles2119d ago

Glad I haven't made the jump yet. Knew something like this was going to happen.

Cloudberry2119d ago

If this is true, I hope for dual circle pads too.

-Alpha2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

I just got a 3DS, I'm going to be pissed if I see two slide pads lol. Oh well, it was inevitable, the 3DS could definitely use some hardware revisions so I'm interested to see what they do.

MasterCornholio2119d ago

If the rumors of it being bigger are true then I really don't see a reason why it wouldn't have a secondary circle pad. If you think about it if Nintendo didn't do this then they would have to design a new circle pad accessory which would make this larger 3DS even more bulky than the original 3DS with the circle pad accessory. Anyways I hope that the screen is a lot bigger because 3.5 inches seems a bit small to me for a portable gaming device.


ronin4life2119d ago

Yeah. It wouldn't make sense to not include a second stick if such a model were made.
Unless they found a way to make the screens bigger without increasing the overall appearance, which would be impossible going off this info.(a screen size increase of 1.5)

Overall though, I have my doubts that this will happen. There are too many factors that don't add up. The only thing that makes this rumor credible in my eyes is where it is coming from.

Lucretia2119d ago

from launch it was apparent the 3ds was rushed and unfinished. it sucks you just got one :/ maybe u can return it, nah u cant sorry.

yeah nintendo is famous for remodeling their consoles 5 times a generation so i knew this would happen

mike1up2119d ago

I don't remember any "NintendoSlims".

ashbc2119d ago

We won't see an announcement at E3. All eyes are on the Wii U.

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The story is too old to be commented.