Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Will Feature Planes

In a surprise unveiling, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be taking to the skies.

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Emmettcelticfan2209d ago

"In a surprise unveiling" lol

DasBunker2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

lol'd at the noob see trough wall scope.. resistance had it in 2006 and perfect dark as well

fatboyfsx2209d ago

Red Faction II had it too.

Deputydon2209d ago

Annnnd Perfect Dark had it in 2000 on the N64...

Hisiru2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

COD with timed DLC exclusive as their last game in the show. And still, it's just a multiplatform. They are showing it as if it was an exclusive game?

Usher in the show (it's conference, not a concert)? Nike's application? Dance Central 3? Showing tons of multiplatform games as if they were exclusives? Timed DLC exclusive? Useless Kinect voice commands in multiplatform games? Useless CG videos of Gears of War/Forza (and other games) that gives you no clue what is the game like? Seriously Microsoft? You waste your money with timed exclusive DLC and not a new IP? What the hell?

Oh well...

I can't wait for Sony and Nintendo's conference, because I know I will have something much better.

Peppino72209d ago

wow great attempt at being BF3 with that jet scene /s

meetajhu2209d ago

except it was jet which ran on Rails!

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Cajun Chicken2209d ago

Did anyone see ONE human enemy in that footage? I guess you really are shooting at dumb AI now.

Anon19742209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Yeah, it kinda looked like COD has officially jumped the shark here.

"Explosions! Now RUN! Explosions! Now shoot three guys with a scope that lets you see through walls while they don't shoot back! Explosions! Now you're in a turret! Now a plaaaaane! On RAIIILS! EXPLOSIONS!" This was like the videogame equivalent of those Powerthirst ads from collegehumor.

Did no one sit up in those planning meetings and go "Um. Is this still a first person shooter or...what exactly is this? Because people generally liked the first person shooters we made."

GuyManDude2209d ago

MS's conference was very...underwhelming. Literally no new non-Kinect or non-XBLA games announced. Not one. Not even a multiplat.


GamerSciz2209d ago

FYI BO2 may feature planes but I sure as hell doubt you can actually fly them. From that gameplay it looked on rails and you just aim to shoot. MP probably won't have air combat that you can fly. We will have to see.


Agreed on it being underwhelming. They showed 6 gameplay of games. 3 of which were exclusive and 3 which had like timed-exclusive content. Then it was all new "features" and Kinect. WTF was Usher doing at a games conference?!?!?!

Cajun Chicken2209d ago

Seriously, that's going to become a meme.

v0rt3x2209d ago

That was the weakest E3 for Microsoft yet.

MGRogue20172209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Indeed.. Sony will no doubt crush 'em with their conference. >:)

as for the article.. no sh*t.

TheGamingArt2209d ago

What fanboy is disagreeing with this? Seriously people wake up and realize when you're being screwed..

Adva2209d ago

Started strong with HALO4, went down hill from that point in. Hit rock bottom with the 'dance performance'.

TheGamingArt2209d ago

At least 343 looks like they fully out classed Bungie. I've never really like Halo, but Halo 4 looks beautiful!

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The story is too old to be commented.