Watch the Xbox Media Briefing live now

Watch the Xbox Media Briefing live. Hosted by Major Nelson and Julie Alexandria.

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Chitown712911961d ago

I can't lie.....Microsoft is doing well so far at this years E3! Keep it up Microsoft!!

fr0sty1961d ago

Been watching for 20 minutes, haven't seen or heard about anything to do with videogames.

LOGICWINS1961d ago

Then maybe your watching something else. I can guarantee your not watching the MS conference.

fr0sty1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

No, I'm most definitely watching the MS conference. 20 minutes of talking about TV, sports and now onto music.

Edit: Now fitness. I thought this was about gaming? Did they just show gears, forza, and halo and then devote the rest of the conference to non-gaming crap?

Dante1121961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Watching their Kinect stuff now. Seems like the main focus.

@ Frosty

Yeah, something about Nike training. Probably another exercise game lol.

Edit: Now they're on about smartphones. I'm gonna laugh so hard when IGN claims that MS had the best gaming showing.

blitz06231961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Aside from the usual Halo/Gears/Fable/Splinter Cell and TONS of Kinect, nothing really new. MS has almost completely turned the Xbox to a casual machine. Bing, Xbox Music, Nike+? Sheesh

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darthv721961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

between the kinect, media and games so far.

edit: xbox smart glass looks like an intriguing project. I can say that when im gaming, i always have my phone near me to look up tips when im stuck or cheats.

having my existing galaxy s2 interact with my xbox...yeah im good with that.

internet explorer coming to xbox...finally. Better late than never. It would be even better if it was firefox but i will take IE over the other console browsers. Useing my phone as the input device. Nice.

Chitown712911961d ago

Compare this to their previous conferences.......Theyre doing a HELL of lot better this year! Their last conferences were beyond ridiculous.......This year they're actually showing games, and the Xbox Live features look pretty cool......Theyre doing good this year......last year was Kinect and filled with Kinect sh*t.....

humbleopinion1961d ago

Guess you somehow missed the trailers for halo 4, splinter cell, forza, fable, gears...
Better check your eyesight then.

FriedGoat1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

This is the worst conference I think I have ever seen. I forgot the Xbox doesn't play games anymore. Halo 4 is nothing we didn't know about, splinter cell is multiplat, forza horizon will be just a slightly modified version of forza same engine etc fable isn't worth mentioning it's the next "Kinect star wars" the Xbox is not a device I use for media, I have better devices, this is the Worst conference I have ever seen. Also a CGI trailer tells us nothing.
Plus I'm not going to buy a Kinect just to use it as a glorified microphone in games, microphones have existed for ages. Just because it's a peice of junk doesn't mean it has to have exclusive microphone control, I have microphones on all my devices.

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Chitown712911961d ago

*shrugs* What can I say man? They're servicing their fan base....... Im still a Sony fanboy at heart and can't wait to see their conference, I know they're going to kill it......

flyingmunky1961d ago

Nice ie and bing on my Xbox/s.
What happened to new games....

Chitown712911961d ago

Ok now they're showing stupid shit....

gatormatt801961d ago

WTF??!! Usher at E3... LOL

F7U121961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

It's clear to anyone that's watching this that hardcore gaming is no longer their main focus.

I'm watching the blops preview right now and it looks lame as usual..COD is the official FPS for little kids.

*no new hardware which means Sony wont leak any info on PS4 :(

*damn and that Usher sh*t was retarded, MS is clueless.

*what pisses me off the most is that Res6 DLC will be a timed exclusive on 360. FFFUUU! No sale!

DasBunker1961d ago

lol'd at closing with COD as a climax.. what a shotty MS E3..

darthv721961d ago

it would have been a better close had it been the halo 4 footage instead of blops2.

It would have been epic if they had done a repeat of when bill gates revealed halo 2 years ago. That was a good end to an e3 presentation. This time...not so much.

JaredH1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

That was disappointing. Halo looked like Halo, Splinter Cell Black List looked like Splinter Cell Conviction, COD looked like COD and the Gears teaser looked like Gears. Tomb Raider was the best thing I saw from that conference. And the look at South Park was cool. They showed nothing new or exciting for xbox only though and their presentation had no big news or exciting announcements. The one game that looked interesting was the Portal-esque Matter but then it said 'made for Kinect' and I'm not buying a Kinect to play one game.

Razmossis1961d ago

Halo, Splinter Cell, Forza, Fable, Gears of War? Aren't these the games they announced last year? And the year before and the year before and.....?

JaredH1961d ago

To clarify I'm not saying the games I listed suck. I'm just saying I don't need to watch gameplay to know what I'll get from those games if I buy them.

Kinect1961d ago

Wtf did I just watch o_o

DragonKnight1961d ago

@DK: I guess you didn't want the conference or can't read as there is plenty of negative things to say about MS' conference. It's clear they don't care about delivering new gaming experiences on their GAMING console. All they care about are sequels, timed exclusive DLC, Kinect, apps, Kinect, apps, and Kinect. You can be happy for the sequels to some of your favorite games, but if you're happy with the overall state of their focus and conference then you have low standards.

pixelsword1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Just got off of work and will try to look at Microsoft's conference before Sony's conference comes on. I'm so excited that I get to watch Microsoft's and Sony's on the same day, plus I saw a preview of Nintendo's yesterday!

I don't care if the games are Kinect-centered as long as they're good games.

MaxXAttaxX1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Along with some Kinect games and Usher.

I wish I was exaggerating.

tee_bag2421960d ago

Time to throw my Xbox in the toilet. Seriously where are the games?! All I use the useless thing is for party chat these days and it can't even do that right cos the wireless set barely works now. MS has the worst build quality and now no games make me forget about it.

Brosy1960d ago Show
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LOGICWINS1961d ago

I agree. Great pacing. I'm actually impressed with Kinect this time around. Did anyone else hear HHG in the background when Machinima popped up LOL?

Simon_Brezhnev1961d ago

Horrible conference. I doubt Sony or Nintendo do better well they will but probably not by much. Sony conference better not be talking about a lot of DLC either.

kingdavid1961d ago

Well at the very least sony dont have kinect.

LOL_WUT1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Wow Microsofts conference was so boring Nintendo's pre E3 presentation was more interesting than that.

kingdavid1961d ago

The worst conference ive seen since nintendo's wii music conference.

Bobby Kotex1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

The ONLY remotely exclusive thing that was interesting was Halo 4. Not a single interesting new IP or anything innovative at all. Just more milking of the usual suspects. Go ahead and vote me down if you're butthurt.

gatormatt801961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I agree with you. Look Halo the franchise is great and all but... The game play they showed wasn't really that impressive to me. IMO this may have been Microsoft's worst E3 presentation ever. If I only owned a 360 I would be very disappointed.

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IRetrouk1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

As much as I love gears and forza the conference was weak, again nothing really new or exciting, I get that you like your Xbox and ms, but how can you not agree that the thing was boring and predictable? I personally want more games from ms, they have soo much money and could of really been a challenge to Sony, and I know you don't like the look of most ps exclusives, but I do, it's what makes me want a ps, its why I bought a 360 in the first place

Kinect1961d ago

I'm disappointed ms is really fucking the pooch on this one, really sad

CoolBeansRus1961d ago

This is probably the most disappointing E3 msft has ever done. I watch E3 for games not for apps or anything else, extremely disappointed with them. MSFT need to remember it's a gaming console not a dam computer.

Halo 4 was the best part, best looking Halo ever. Can't wait.

La-meditron1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

well, i guess this means No new xbox till 2014.

and everybody said the console wasn't future proof, by then 360 will be 8 years old.

Congratulations ms your first console to truly have a long life!!

KRUSSIDULL1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I'm disappointed, this was so boring to watch more than half the time were "US" exclusive media content I dont even get to use it here in Sweden. To much focus tablet/phone/kinect gimmick related stuff.

I'm a hardcore Xbox 360 gamer and this is just the truth. It hurts that they didnt even show 1 new exclusive.

I can only name 4 things that brought a smile on my face and that is:

1. Halo 4 gameplay,
2. Splinter Cell Blacklist (I did not see that coming and I enjoy Splinter Cell)
3. South Park game (I love southpark)
4. All Xbox 360 big in-house titles is announced at the same time for the first time. Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable. This probably means we will see "Xbox Next" by 2013.

But still got to see new gameplay from E3 and 3rd party games.

showtimefolks1961d ago

a D+ for MS i mean the last 3 years they went from ok to bad to 2012 worst. EA has a lot more to show i mean MS see casuals and forgetting about us

a new forza already really? we have GT5 and this it while how many forza games this gen alone>

new halo new gears really MS that's so interesting

disagree all you want i am a gamer and really pissed at MS we supported them early on to make a install base of millions and now they see casuals and forgetting about us

american media will still think MS had a great showing and give them A and b

as a gamer halo and gears everything else was ok at best

LackTrue4K1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

this is much better.....


Man! what a boring conference I almost fell asleep 20min in!!!!!!!!! nothing new what so ever. More subscription service I can get free on basic cable, Kinect games meh, Halo only good game, but nothing new what so ever. Usher was performing for Dance Central 3, gee, great more dance games 0_\. Microsoft bombed! I wonder if they know they are in a competition? I guess MS is dropping the hardcore crowd that made them rich.I was seriously underwhelmed. MS conference gets a "D"

MrMister1960d ago

@ Chitown71291: U say u can't lie, but u just did. Either that, or your delusional man. Smh.

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FlashXIII1961d ago

Consider yourself lucky, if you're smart enough you'd have saved yourself from wasting x amount of minutes of your life.

JasonBloodbourne1961d ago

Halo 4 looks bloody awesome!! And forza horizon looks sweet roll on autumn

B1663r1961d ago

Why wouldn't you just watch this on your xbox???


Halo 4 really did look good.

forza H interesting..

but breaking it down all we have really got is sequel after sequel after sequel and now it's kinect kinect kinect..

does not feel that great to me.

I am really not that interested in how much I can talk to my xbox. how about some new IP's to play ?

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