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dexter116281899d ago

My God. so those enemies are AI's? and their controlled by The Didact. This is going to be epic!

CoolBeansRus1899d ago

Looks epic!!!

dexter116281899d ago

I could have swore i was wearing clothes when the show started...

dexter116281899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Cant wait for November 6th

DeadSpaced1899d ago

Dexter, I thought the same thing. By the time Halo came around, I was forced to take off my pants, as they were soiled and those around me did not appreciate watching something so incredible while the stench of my pants assaulted their noses.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31899d ago

I'm seeing some Metroid Prime inspiration here folks...

Brosy1898d ago Show
nix1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

"generic"? yeah every game on PS3 is generic. i don't think any PS3 exclusive games have ever won any awards. pfffft... i don't even think that those PS3 exclusive games are pushing the technology. i mean i would any day pick up one great exclusive over 20 other generic exclusives.

that is why i have Wii. I mean have you seen the amount of Wii Sports that gets sold. like maaaaaaannnnnnn... it outsells 360's and sony's whole stable of exclusives with one fair swoop.

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Haha1231898d ago

The king of shooters is back!!!

Call of Duty

aint got nothing on HALO!!!!

I'll see you again master chief November 6th!! :D

CGI-Quality1898d ago

I'd take Killzone over any of these, but that takes nothing from Halo. No need to bring up other titles needlessly.

CoolBeansRus1898d ago

i agree with CGI, let's not take anything away from it by comparing to other games. All great games.

1898d ago
geddesmond1898d ago

COD ate and spit out Halo years ago. Halo fanboys are morons. Oh well have fun playing yet another FPS game. Its only like the 200th one this gen lol.

NnT32911898d ago

When it comes to Halo, COD magically becomes a good game on this site lol

irepbtown1898d ago

Sales wise nothing will come close to Call of Duty. That's just a sad, sad, sad, true fact.

Kalowest1898d ago

Resistance is the only game to match Halo with its cool/amazing weapons, and trying to be different. COD sucks, so does KZ(terrible story).

_Aarix_1895d ago

Oh no, were not using the whole "let's not take anything away from it by comparing to other games" when the tables are turned, that s*** just doesn't work that way.

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Oh_Yeah1898d ago

ehhh lets stop being fanboys here for 1 sec, crysis 3 looks better gameplay wise as usual, idk why anyone would prefer halo over crysis. they look similar but ones better....i mean suit customization, different ways to play the game, cloaking, bows, throwing, open world etc. all that gameplay vs. halo which probably only has a little more interesting of a story.

BABYLEG1898d ago

Because halo is king.. Get down or get laid down

Oh_Yeah1898d ago

@babyleg lol im still getting it because pockets will not be hurt and this is probably gonna be xbox's best exclusive -_-.all im saying is you cant deny that crysis is better gameplay wise. same goes for tomb raider > uncharted. these exclusives need to step their game up. theres similar games that are just better

CoLD FiRE1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Are you kidding? While Crysis is not a bad game by any means, it has a lackluster story and clunky controls. There was an obvious controller lag in Crysis 2 especially on consoles and that still seems to be an issue with Crysis 3.

Just to clarify, Crysis is one of my favorite games. I finished the first one and warhead about 4 times each. Crysis 2, only once. I'm sorry but gameplay wise Crysis has got nothing on Halo.

@Ockbar Fair enough. Halo is not as linear as other shooters. It has a great limited sandbox and previous Halos were more open than Crysis 2 but no where as open as the first Crysis or Warhead. Crysis 3 seems to be going back in that direction which is a good thing.

Still, IMO, the controls in Halo are the best of any FPS. They're so fluid they make the game flow perfectly and make the gameplay and ecounters more intenese and enjoyable.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Crysis does give you the same options throughout the whole game where in Halo they give you different and more options per encounter.

Both are great games, but this article is about Halo so I think it would be better if we keep it about Halo.


Oh_Yeah1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@ Cold Fire i didnt notice input lag on 360 in either single player or multi and controls were like butter! dudes didnt know what hit them, so okay halo with its lack luster gameplay vs crysis lack luster story. like i said you can play crysis in many ways with its ariel assault, cloaking, punching throwing, suit customization, plus being more open world vs halo where you cant do any of that.. its a basic fps with linerity. idk about you but gamplay > story, i play games to PLAY THEM. not listen to them or watch them, thats just a bonus if i get kickass gameplay with a great story. thats my opinion though

slampunk1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

You have know idea mate.......

Gameplay better on Crysis than Halo.......LOL

I agree with Coldfire......


because halo is more fun... yes it's that simple...

you can throw in all the cloaking and all that crap and make it as gimmicky as possible but in the end it's halos simple gameplay, briliant AI and pure fun gameplay that make it the better game.

I played both crysis games on the xbox and I would still rate Halo over either of them anyday cos I enjoyed it more

1898d ago
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MrMister1898d ago

Wow another Halo, you'd think the many to already come out on just the 360 alone would be enough

h311rais3r1898d ago

Wow another ratchet an clank, wow a 3rd resistance this gen alone! Another god of war! I can do that too.

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FlashXIII1899d ago

Really impressed with how it's looking graphically, can't wait to play it!

starchild1898d ago

I honestly can't believe how good it looks. I almost thought they would be announcing it as an exclusive for the NEXT xbox. It is a huge jump up from the past games. Definitely some of the best graphics on consoles.

FlashXIII1898d ago

Agreed, the lighting actually made me wonder if it was a next gen game at a few points of the footage. Definitely blown away visually by it, I hope the gameplay can match the visuals.

Conzul1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Looks about on par with KZ3, graphically. Looking forward to this one...

aviator1891899d ago

Great trailer, but 360p really doesn't do it justice. I was watching it on my 50 inch and it looked spectacular.

IcarusOne1898d ago

Have to admit, I was kind of underwhelmed.

Ascalon941898d ago

I have to admit, you must be full of shit.

1898d ago
IcarusOne1898d ago

@ Ascalon

Because I think differently from you?