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LittleBigPlanet Karting: E3 2012: Trailer HD

Sackboy and friends go karting through your creations in Little Big Planet Karting. (E3, Little Big Planet Karting, PS3)

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BXbomber  +   928d ago
buying day 1
josephayal  +   928d ago
amazing .. just amazing
Afterlife  +   928d ago
Looks fun.
DivineAssault  +   928d ago
Looks really fun.. I hope the quality of gameplay is just as high as mario kart.. Why the 8-bit music in the trailer? I will definitely buy this game as long as the critic scores are good
FunAndGun  +   928d ago
oh Sackboy, with your cute smile and button eyes. it is such a shame I will have to road rash you.
Lucretia  +   928d ago
wow looks amazing. Hope they do a PSN release so we can play it on ps3 too! will get for vita either way
GribbleGrunger  +   928d ago
it's not been announced for the Vita. as of now, it's a PS3 exclusive. are you getting confused with LBPVita?
Lucretia  +   928d ago
im an idiot lmao!!!!! Sweeeet yeah was confused :D thanks man
neutralgamer19  +   928d ago
It seems like mod nation and thats a plus because mod nation is the best karting game ive ever played in my life with so much replay value. Mod nation is the definitive karting game for me and is like mario kart on steroids!!!!!!
dafegamer  +   928d ago
Wow looks awesome its also kinda different than other kart racers of what I've seen in this Trailer. It seems to combine
platforming adventure and racing....Hmmm nice concept
Day one
Bumpmapping  +   928d ago
Sweet looks fun as hell day 1

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