Why Minecraft Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again

Nightmare Mode explore some of the deeper implications of Minecraft's aesthetic, and ask if on a deeper level it really is just a game about 'building stuff'.

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Minecraft is awesome man! :D

ApolloAdams2150d ago

Microsoft is poised to take E3 by storm and prove to be dominate in the US as the usual.

rmedtx2150d ago

This kind of games where people can build their own stuff give you that sense of being a kid again. That is the case when I play LittleBigPlanet too.

josephayal2150d ago

GREAT Game, I will be fun for a little while, but soon you will get tired of building stuff.

patrickwlindsey2150d ago

I like that Minecraft is a game of infinite potential, I just lack the ability to build any of the really cool castles and structures that other people build. But in spite of the fact that I'm not very "good" at Minecraft, I still love it like you do.