New Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Trailer

Following the official Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Electronic Theatre hosted this morning, a brand new trailer has been revealed by publisher Square Enix Ltd. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] is currently in development exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, and set for release in PAL territories next month.


This trailer is an extended version of the one already submitted to N4G.

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NBT912112d ago

Pretty boring trailer tbh, the first English trailer was much more interesting.

Studio-YaMi2112d ago

I agree,that was really boring but the game is gonna be good non-the-less ! :D

DivineAssault 2112d ago

I want to see this game first hand so i can compare the graphics & open world to the psp KH.. Im sure it will outshine it but i wana see how much.. 3DS is a full generation ahead of psp & so far i havent seen MUCH of anything surpassing gamecube like visuals.. That monstrosity circle pad pro i bought is just collecting dust now after i finished revelations (which was good) so i hope this game uses it

Lucretia2112d ago

thats the odd thing, birth by sleep on the psp graphically atleast looks far better than this.....just hoping its atleast almost as fun as BBS

josephayal2112d ago

I'll wait for a PS-VITA release

slaton242112d ago

prepare to wait forever it will not be one most likely...but hope for the best