Hybrid Gameplay Trailer Released


5th Cell has released a gameplay trailer for upcoming third person online shooter, Hybrid, which will release exclusively on XBLA in the Summer.

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CoolBeansRus2180d ago

Good looking arcade game.

TVippy2180d ago

Coudn've have been less interested.

ChunkyLover532180d ago

Even though I'm not huge on digital content, this has probably been the best year ever for the Xbox Live Arcade. The quality of the games that have been coming from that platform is pretty amazing.

Lucretia2180d ago

it looks good for an arcade main gripe......MS still isn't making any Actual full fledged games anymore. seriously all i see is halo, gears, fable, forza, Kinect and Arcade releases

Fragger2k82180d ago

A 'tactical shooter', lol, really? Why in the world would they even claim that? It's clearly an arena-style shooter with a cover system. Is this really what people consider tactical these days?

While this game doesn't seem bad, it's almost pointless for a developer to make an online focused XBLA/PSN game. Heck, it's pretty much pointless for them to make retail games this way, too. If it isn't Call of Duty or Halo, most games with an online mode will be near-dead within 3-6 months. It's a sad thing, but pretty much the truth. =\

Also, wow.. Anyone else notice that most of those helmets shown (on the human side?) are a complete rip-off of the helmets from Reach?

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