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Kingdom Hearts 3D - Sora and Riku trailer

Square Enix released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D. (3DS, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)

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Trenta27  +   1066d ago
Oh my god...
Snookies12  +   1066d ago
The events that take place in this game are pretty mind blowing. It's like the ultimate fan-service game, trust me when I say you won't be disappointed if you're a Kingdom Hearts fan. Some of those later boss battles... The music that's been remixed and stuff, it's just amazing in every way.
Eamon  +   1066d ago
So you've played the Japanese version?

Is the story great? I get what you mean by "ultimate fan-service game" since pretty much every character seems to appear in this game.

Does it also set up KH3 nicely?
Snookies12  +   1066d ago
@Eamon - I haven't actually played it myself, but I've seen all the way through it and know a little Japanese. I don't want to spoil anything which is why I'm refraining from saying what I mean by fan-service. I will say the events that take place near the end throw a major curve ball you won't see coming. Also, I'm sure a lot of people already know, but *MINOR SPOILER* the second secret boss you fight in Birth by Sleep "Mysterious Figure" is revealed in DDD.
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Eamon  +   1066d ago
Very interesting. I am aware of the Mysterious Figure you are talking about. He had those twin lightsaber things in BBS secret boss.

He is young Xehanort. Can't wait. July 20th!
MakiManPR  +   1066d ago
Here a better video

Related video
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1066d ago
wow.....0-0......that was the shortest trailer i've seen. only 4 seconds in and done.

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