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Submitted by GamingNexus 1347d ago | opinion piece

My Goodbye Kevin Pereira

GN staffer Nathan Carter bids a personal farewell to longtime G4 staffer Kevin Pereira. (G4, Industry, Kevin Pereira)

Snookies12  +   1348d ago
Kevin was the only reason I watched Attack of the Show honestly. Couldn't care less about the co-host chick everyone thought was so amazingly hot. I swear that dude made me laugh every episode. Haven't watched G4 in a couple years, but he'll definitely be missed there. I think with him leaving, that puts the final nail in the coffin for that network unfortunately.
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TCG_Returns  +   1348d ago
Yep.I rarely could care less for the 90% of douchebag male hosts on tv but kevin made me literally burst out laughing at least once an episode.Guy is real quick with his snarky comebacks lol

G4 is pretty much dead tho.Sara and candice cant carry that sinking ship with their looks alone
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aviator189  +   1348d ago
First Sessler, now Pereira...
This sucks.
fatboyfsx  +   1348d ago
First was Olivia, then Sessler now Kevin.

When Olivia left they should have paired Kevin up with Sara, not Candace. Sara has a better sense of humor and meshes better with Kevin, not to mention she's hotter. Candace should have been the Feed's announcer if anything. She's cute and nice but she is not into games at all and it shows. A lot of the time you could tell Kevin thought Candace was corny and didn't seem to enjoy working with her all that much.

On his final show when Candace starts to cry he gets this surprised look on his face haha.
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Primalfear  +   1348d ago
Sessler was lame and who cars if he left but Pereira was funny and now G4 has nothing.
Moby-Royale  +   1347d ago
Yes... who cars?

WeskerChildReborned  +   1347d ago
Dude, i car about Kevin and Adam leaving.
telekineticmantis  +   1347d ago
Sessler, morgan and Kevin made G4
Now G4 sucks
MasterD919  +   1347d ago
Morgan is really the last original member to stay at G4. Kristin Adams, Blair Herder and Chobot are all good...but Kevin was the focal point of the network IMO. He was awesome.

G4 really should have cut the budget on cops reruns and gave Kevin a nice pay increase to stay around a bit longer...Luckily, he is covering the E3 show. It's nice to see him with everyone (minus Sessler) one last time.

Speaking of Sessler...Saw him on GTTV today being interviewed on Spike.

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