10 E3 rumours we want Sony’s conference to clear up

Sony’s E3 2012 conference is nearly upon us. Here are 10 rumours we want it to clear up.

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DarkSniper2177d ago

Shenmue III, Syphon Filter and Megaman X9 are three great titles that would find a great home on PlayStation®3.


MissAubrey2177d ago ShowReplies(6)
FACTUAL evidence2177d ago

I'll be so happy to hear the announcement of the ps4. I just really hope sony REALLY pays attention to the online and it's features for this time. I'd love to see voice messaging and one button notifications as a feature on the ps3, but I know we would not see it, here's hoping it will be a package deal day one for ps4.

MaximusPrime2177d ago

still playing my PS vita. just got Uncharted Golden Abyss and its great.
Metal Gear Solid is the one i want to see at E3. i wanted to see how it will work on PSV, especially the use of touch screen and sixaxis.
Looking forward to see what Sony will bring during their conference.

NFS Most Wanted is also the one I wanted to see demonstration too. So excited to hear that it was announced by EA and Criteriongames recently

MissAubrey2177d ago

looking forward to more Vita


-MGS Vita

-PS4 (at least a first look)

-Teaser for Enders Project.

-A new Getaway game. (doubt it will happen) but looked good in the tech demo they showed.

majiebeast2177d ago

Tonight last of us gameplay /drool

OmniSlashPT2177d ago

The Last of Us + The Last Guardian + Beyond (New Quantic Dream title) = epicness

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