Asian Version of Dokuro Includes English

"In an interesting turn of events, it would seem popular import site Play-Asia has listed an Asian version of Dokuro on their site. " - JPS

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tarbis1963d ago

I hope this is true. So, I can ask my retailer to import it for me.

admiralvic1962d ago

I wouldn't question it, many times they (asia and play-asia) list games as having X languages in the title. From that list I've never once heard of them being wrong and if they're you can get a refund. As pointed out in the article, it is also 10 dollars more so it should have SOMETHING extra.

FriedGoat1957d ago

Love my vita but the style of this game is just lazy. Horrible animations, the jumping looks odd and I'm all around not excited for this game.

r211963d ago

sweet news for us Asian living folks! finally, an early Asian game with English subs :D