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Nintendo Has Already "Won" E3

MMGN.com writes: Despite the influx of announcements and trailers, E3 hasn't officially started yet. The expo that stops the gaming world once a year is set to kick off in the early hours of tomorrow morning, starting with the Microsoft press conference.

Yet anyone would have you think Nintendo has already "won" the war. (E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

LX-General-Kaos  +   1065d ago
This article is strikingly realistic. Probably the best prediction thus far in my opinion.
EVILDEAD360  +   1065d ago
LMAO..not even close to a 'Win' yet for Nintendo.

I WANT to run into the stores this fall and buy a Wii-U if Nintendo makes the compelling case on Tuesday..but NO WAY have they done so thus far.

I love that they now have a hardcore controller..but are we REALLY going to pretend that showing a 360 controller on the Wii-U outdoes a true 360 controller? lol

The tablet streaming still is the seling point and if they show multiple tablets for one Wii-U then they are in a better place than last year's E3.

But, Micrsoft just threw out a curve ball with the smart glass streaming and control of Xbox Live from ANY IOS device (Iphone or tablet). Could be a game changer..but it's just a rumor at the moment.

The online presence will be better than Wii..but it still isn't Xbox Live caliber at the moment.

Sony may up the ante on EVERYONE with the Cloud partnership.

The article throws a Kinect jab, but no matter how you tease it..Kinect outdid Wii at Wii type games and that tablet still doesn't change the fact that the biggest casual Wii games from Sports to Dancing to Fitness etc can be experienced better with Kinect.

Games? Sure Nintendo has a staple of first party that will now have better graphics..But it wasn't mario or Zelda that boosted Nintendo to ridiculous gargantuan numbers..it was Wii Sports that we ALL had to have. Then we bought the rest of our fave first party Nintendo greats.

People are in for a suprise at the end of this gen..

Nothing shown on Wii-u will come close to budging
Halo 4 or the Bungie MMO on the 360

Nothing will come close to budging Last Guardian (if shown) or Last of Us on the PS3

Nothing on Wii will even scratch the surface of Black Ops 2 inevitable domination on the other big 2 and the fact that Crysis 3 wint even make the console.

Ninendo has got to come with their A game times 10 this time around..and I'm in the corner of hoping they do it.

Again Tuesday could blow us ALL away..just not today..good start but Monday the other two big boys have their shot..Nintendo better be ready.

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Gr81  +   1065d ago
I agree
Nintendo hasn't 'won' E3 just yet, but it has been the talk of the town as a result of that conference.

However, to say Wii U doesn't have a system seller yet on par with a Halo 4...are you kidding? NSMB Alone has outsold Halo 3 twice over, or Xbox' biggest seller MW2 twice over.

And NSMB is a game that is whispered as being a launch game for the console. So sorry, M$ nor Sony has a system pushing game of that magnitude. It may not be your cup of tea but there is no denying that.

Will look forward to what all 3 Console makers showcase this year.
EVILDEAD360  +   1065d ago
'Nintendo hasn't 'won' E3 just yet, but it has been the talk of the town as a result of that conference.'

Of course we are all talking..it was the first information for the system and more than weve had for almost an entire year.

But, that video will mean nothing tomorrow when the onslaught of OFFICIAL E3 presentations come through.

'NSMB Alone has outsold Halo 3 twice over, or Xbox' biggest seller MW2 twice over'

First off you didn't read what I wrote..never do I say the Nintendo first party doesnt have huge games. I just said those games won't even scratch the surface on the lane that the 360 and Sony have with the titles I mentioned.

Secondly, you are talking about sales of the most popular franchise on a console that has will ultimately push 100 million as an install base.

Compare that to what Halo 3 did when it sold 8 million with an 11 million install base or what Call of Duty keeps doing today.

Just keeping it real, if they don't have that MUST-HAVE NOW game changing Wii Sports type title then Wii-U may be seem pretty human compared to last gen..

But, I never count these guys out..I said they better bring the A-game..

Here's where I'm coming from..they should that Zelda demo last year..it didn't stop the stocks for the company to fall 24 hours later. They were completely caught off-guard at how things have changed.

If Nintendo could read my mind..they would have a 3DTV enabled Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Smash Bros, Star Fox with amazing graphics that those franchises have NEVER seen... all at launch. THEN I will be the frst to say they may have won.

I loved my Wii when it came out..I used to scream from the rafters that Boom Blox was the funnest game on earth. But let's face it..Sony and Micrsoft have been watching these guys for years..they both know how to appeal to casual as well. Hence why you see Sony coming with Little Big Planet Karting and a Super Smash type game both in the same year.

Just calling it how I see it..no hate for Wii-U at all

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OmegaSlayer  +   1065d ago
Article hyping victory from a fanboy site...
DarkSniper  +   1065d ago
This is pretentious and false news from the writer of this article. While he is subject to his own opinion, Dark Sniper fails to understand how one can have such a jaded and one sided view with the Sony E3 Extravaganza looming above Nintendo's head.

What we do know is that Sony will come out swinging with the best exclusives known to man across both PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita platforms. Not to mention that Sony holds host to the true next generation title that is primed to steal the show, The Last of Us. With titles such as The Last Guardian and Quantic Dream's Beyond, Syphon Filter and many more, Dark Sniper is certain that the PlayStation brand will be able to take Nintendo's best shot.

Dark Sniper can name off the top of his head the same 5 exclusives that Nintendo will announce this week on their new platform. Nintendo's lack of delivering the element of surprise is one critical and major reason why they will not "win" E3. Especially with the forward momentum PlayStation has going into tonight's conference.

Patriots_Pride  +   1065d ago
Have to agree unless MS or Sony announce the PS4 and 720 then I dont think no amount of exclusives can top the Wii U.
MariaHelFutura  +   1065d ago
I agree. BUT... If Sony/MS do show their next gen systems the Wii U could get pushed to the backburner for E3. Either way, I'm excited I'll be buying all of them at some point. I just wanta hear about them.
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Patriots_Pride  +   1065d ago
I am still not sold on the Wii but TBH after 6 years I am ready to move on to the next gen so if MS and Sony dont announce anything I will purchase the Wii U regardless can go one year with playing my PS3 and 360.
shackdaddy  +   1065d ago
Don't want to piss people off here but for me, only the PS4 could take the hype from Nintendo. Honestly, if the 720 came out now, what would they have? A new Forza maybe, Halo 4 ported over from the 360, and more Kinect...
eagle21  +   1065d ago
I like how Iwata said tuesday is almost all WiiU games presentation...3DS will probably get a medley trailer, release dates and a big announcement but more 3DS info wednesday. Should be really interesting.
ronin4life  +   1065d ago
I certainly hope they don't put the 3ds on the backburner and exclude major info of it from e3.
It needs to keep its momentum going.
-Alpha  +   1065d ago
As much as I'd like to say "never say never" it's pretty much a shoe in for Nintendo. I have little interest or hope that MS will do anything remotely refreshing, and I want to see Sony focusing on PlayStation All Stars, and The Last Guardian for PS3. I'm going to be really disappointed if I see nothing for TLG.

VITA will be an interesting focus with potential surprises, but who knows how big they will be.

Nintendo has the big 3: New hardware, a strong lineup for an existing, mega popular handheld (Paper Mario gameplay, Luigi's Mansion 2 gameplay), and a likely reveal of their next-gen lineup. It's a blockbuster E3 for Nintendo.

Oh yeah, and this article is really biased
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Shok  +   1065d ago
As much as I agree (it's new hardware), articles like this REALLY don't need to be posted on N4G of all places. Incoming shit storm.
MariaHelFutura  +   1065d ago
Everything has the ability to start a sh!tstorm on N4G. That's what this place is.... one big digital sh!tstorm of emotions.
dubal-e  +   1065d ago
yea man they definitely started summin
Khordchange  +   1065d ago
well microsoft is just out, hell I don't even include them in the list. They are not at E3 lol

Sony needs to at least announce ps4, but even then nintendo will be showcasing so much it's just gonna be hard to top
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1065d ago
Maybe in their eyes, but I'm more interested in actual video games. Isn't this the video games industry?

Who cares if a system CAN play good games if we haven't seen any of them yet?
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Grimhammer00  +   1065d ago
I believe the hype train is chugging along for Ninny, but I don't believe after the dust has settled...that it will be the 1080p @ 60fps beast we all expect next gen to be.

I love Nintendo, I love Sony....but, only one of these is likely to deliver 3yrs into their next gen cycles.

I will say this.....MS knows how much a year does for your market share. Sony knows from the other side. So how they both decided letting ninny have a free year astounds me.

Got me thinking....why aren't they scared enough to move faster and meet Ninny head on? Especially MS who seem content with a design philosophy of using 1-2yr old pc specs for their machines. (if history repeats itself)
smashcrashbash  +   1065d ago
Well I hate to disappoint but just because Nintendo announced new hardware doesn't mean they 'won' anything. We have no idea how it works or if the games really look or play better then any other system.The Wii U so far is just doing mostly what game systems have been doing for ages and I am not certain it is enough yet.Like someone said it will be enough for Nintendo fans but still have to convince everyone else. Nintendo fans are excited for sure but Microsoft and Sony fans still are hanging on to the things they are going to announce.

People are still excited about the exclusives,demos and additions to the the systems they have. People are still hanging on to see if the PS3 and 360 will have a price drop, if Sony will embrace the cloud, what hardware Microsoft has in store. Now I know since this is a Nintendo article I will get mobbed by disagrees but I am not saying that the Wii U isn't something to get excited about but don't assume that everyone is. People will be cheering just as hard if the PS3 is reduced to $199.00 or the VITA is reduced to $200.

Everyone is excited because Nintendo went first. Sony and Microsoft still have their turn at bat. So to say NOTHING will top it is fanboyish at best.We haven't even seen the games or features or how they look compared to other systems or what mega bombs Sony and Microsoft have to drop and yet they have 'won'.
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AusRogo  +   1065d ago
I hope its not just all talk, and the Wii U is actually powerful. Fingers crossed!

Edit: but im more excited to see games from Sony and MS, I hope ms pulls a sneaky one and shows something other than Gears/Halo/Forza/kinect
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irishyort  +   1065d ago
This is a fanboy war waiting to happen.

Guess its good cause we're all pretty excited about E3 otherwise none of us would bother to respond.

Im skeptical about the WiiU. Not sure if it will win the show for them like the article predicts. There is alot of 50/50 vibes coming from developers about it, like how it is and isnt as powerful as current gen consoles and how developers arent even considering making games for it.

Be very interesting to see if it has a large 3rd party support like the article predicts or its just typical Ninty making their own stuff again with limited support.

Im predicting if they cant get 3rd parties involved and the price (if announced) isnt right, theres no chance of "winning" E3.
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mike1up  +   1065d ago
Gotta wait for the games people.

But yea, there is no denying that Nintendo stole some major thunder tonight.
ozstar  +   1065d ago
They've done this before.

Remember when they leaked the Wii Motion Plus the night before MS had their E3 Conference?

Of course this was when everyone, including Nintendo, expected to see motion competitors. But they turned up a year later, if i recall correctly.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1065d ago
The heck they did.

Sorry Im just not buying it. I already have a current gen console i dont need a wii u. the only thing that would interest me is if the games are uber steller. Its always about the games. I couldnt care less that its a new console. If the games arent worth it they wont win. And we wont know that til they show them. Sony has always been the big game shower. But like i said, we'll have to wait and see.
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TenkoTAiLS  +   1065d ago
It always confuses me when people say "waiting for the PS4 and 720", you have a system that "named" game companies are calling next gen hardware coming out this year and you are going to wait for unannounced consoles?

I love all three companies, sure i have favorites just like everyone, but i am not going to wait for something that hasn't even been officially announced while there is a new system released and ready to go.

Sure if what Nintendo has shown (will show at E3) isn't your thing then fine, but waiting on something that doesn't even officially exist at this point, because you think (wish) that it will be a gazillion times better is just madness.

Considering the time gap if you go by reported possible launch windows for Sony and Microsoft, the gap in tech will be a rather even battlefield this time around, much like PS3 and 360 currently. Neither of them are going to use current state of the art GPU's, consoles never do. This time around things seem to be going back to normal like the generations prior to the Wii where everyone is on the same page. With the closer competition i would expect all three companies to really put their all into the games, which is what we all want right?

I dunno about the majority of people but this gamer will be picking one up when the Wii U hits and experiencing all it has to offer, depending on what they can add to the multi-console releases it may even turn out to be my platform of choice for those games. Then when the PS4 and 720 arrive i will add those to my collection too for their 1st party goodness.

But skipping trying a console purely because you are a "fan" of another company or favor one over the others, that's a gaming experience missed, and for a gamer that should be a sad sad thing :(
Brettman2008  +   1065d ago
Even if the Wii U 'wins' E3 I think that they will be battling to beat Microsoft and Sony in sales later this year. Particularly Microsoft who are masters at massively boosting their sales in the October to December period by selective console discounting and rolling out their big franchises with an accompanying marketing blitz. A line up later this year of Gears of War: Judgement, Forza Horizon, Halo 4, Alan Wake 2 and Fable: The Journey would be hard to beat.
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irishyort  +   1063d ago
After their show, this "Win" could appear to be a major loss for Ninty.

A bunch of games long ago released on other systems (Lets call them ports, because thats what people do here with the Vita games)

And a controller that een Nintendo didnt know how to make the most of!

Oh well christmas 2013 seems like a great time to pick up a real next gen console like the Sony or Microsoft ones.

Looks like the gimmicks have come to be more hurtful this time around Ninty.

Sony looks to have won E3 with those 2 amazing games to open and close their show!

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