E3 2012 Will Deliver the Final Blow to the Survival Horror Genre

"E3 2012 is nearly upon us and everyone is, justifiably, excited about the event and all of the secrets it contains. However, given what we already know about the expo’s lineup, there’s reason to worry. This year’s E3 may drive the final nail into the coffin of the survival horror genre. The primary suspects behind what could very well be the ruthless slaughter of this once beloved genre are Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3. Both are highly anticipated titles with much to show this year and many people are already eagerly awaiting further details for each game, but they have a lot to prove in order to convince us that they are still true horror titles. The survival horror genre is quickly dying and there are three main factors that have turned this glorious style of gameplay into a forgotten art."- JPS

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user54670072152d ago

Visceral games could of had a great survival horror franchise in there hands, a franchise which could of converted the old Resident Evil fanbase which Capcom don't give a crap no more but it seems like greed got to them aswell...or EA, who ever made the horrible descisons behind Dead Space 3.

I thought the problem was just going to be co-op but we have a lot more on our hands now.

Such a shame...

JaredH2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I'm definitely worried about Dead Space 3. I am only slightly hopeful because I never actually seen anything from the game yet. It might not be as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately It sounds like it's going the way of the Alien films. The first ones a great horror/triller, the second one is great but is more action orientated with horror elements. And the third one just sucks. It's like RE because it disregarding its roots and what made the franchise a success in the first place.

user54670072151d ago

I think people are only going to give this the benefit of the doubt because of hype...something EA are good at doing.

I wish people who just think of RE5 and how much that sucked with all the new changes.

This will be the same

smashcrashbash2152d ago

Hello, Last of Us. Survival horror not just mercenaries armed to the teeth.

Kran2152d ago

I see that as more of an Action Adventure/Thriller from what I've seen.

Gears of War have ugly looking things, but thats not a survival horror. Nor is Bulletstorm.

smashcrashbash2151d ago

Really. *looks at game*. Looks like survival horror to me. I can't see how you can call this a thriller. I has monsters in it. What thriller is full of mutant monsters?

AgreeFairy2152d ago

Horror games are only dead on consoles now. PC gaming is the only way to find horror games these days. Although Shadow of a Soul is a horror game that is supposedly releasing on PS3 after the PC version.

chasegarcia2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

what is there bedsides Amnesia? Which was not scary for me.

MagneticDeath2152d ago

Shinji Mikami is working on a survival horror game code named Zwei. Teaser site

MagneticDeath2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Lol got a disagree, the official site is right there. There is seriously some idiots on this site.

vortis2152d ago

DayZ...survival horror saved.


New-Breed2152d ago

if only consoles had access to Arma 2 and its glorious mod

Bladesfist2152d ago

DayZ is the only true SURVIVAL horror game and its just so wonderful